What do we want to happen to the A’s? | The Bandwagon

Yahoo Sports MLB writers Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer hop on The Bandwagon to discuss the speed bump the Oakland Athletics hit in their proposed move to Las Vegas, and explain what they actually want to happen to the team.

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Video Transcript


HANNAH KEYSER: Yet another update on the A's moving to Vegas that is like, they didn't do the thing that needed to be done for them to move to Vegas, but it still looks like they're going to move to Vegas.

ZACH CRIZER: Yes. They keep assuming that public officials will just lie down and quickly do whatever it is they want them to do, and they keep being wrong about that, which is really-- it's really a statement about the A's that their pitches keep not working, which is consistent across the field and the boardroom.

HANNAH KEYSER: What do you want to have happen? We don't actually have [INAUDIBLE], but I'm just cur-- like, because I kind of feel like every time I see them get slightly thwarted, I feel a little surge of schadenfreude, and like, yeah. But I don't actually know. I don't want them to have no home.

ZACH CRIZER: I want it to get so bad that John Fisher sells the team, and then whoever buys the team can sort out the answer. That's mine.

HANNAH KEYSER: Of course. Actually, yeah. I made it seem like it was difficult to figure out what the right answer is, but that's definitely the right answer. We are [? bandwagon-ing ?] John Fisher getting so fed up with his inability to just have people give him money, so that way, he can spend less of all of his money to run his own business that he's like, this sucks. I'm going to take all my money and not make more money off of it.