Should the Vikings move on from Jordan Addison to re-sign Justin Jefferson?

What’s the price to pay if the Minnesota Vikings were to sign arguably the best wide receiver in all of football to a long-term deal? If and when Minnesota signs Justin Jefferson to a mega deal, the Vikings will allocate a ton of money to the young phenom. According to The Athletic’s Randy Mueller, he believes the Vikings wouldn’t be able to re-sign another big part of their offense.

“Jefferson is arguably the best receiver in the league, and Minnesota should certainly extend him. But the cost will tighten money to spend elsewhere, like on last year’s 1st-round pick, 22-year-old Jordan Addison, when his rookie deal ends. Of course, if the Vikings’ assessment of J.J. McCarthy proves accurate, a quality QB on a 5-year rookie contract might be just what the doctor ordered. If I were running the Vikings, I would pay Jefferson and keep churning WR2 at the end of Addison’s deal.”

Ideally, the Vikings would love to keep Jefferson and Addison together for much longer than three more years. The benefit of taking a first-round quarterback in the NFL Draft is the hope to build a strong roster around them while they are on their rookie contract. Minnesota will definitely have some tough decisions to make in the coming years.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire