Vikings 2024 NFL draft scouting report: LSU QB Jayden Daniels

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This series will be your guide to the 2024 draft class. From scouting reports to mock drafts and exploring different scenarios, we will be covering the NFL draft and the future of the Minnesota Vikings from all angles.

The focus of the draft class in this space will be on the Vikings’ major needs at quarterback, running back, defensive line and edge rusher. We will also focus on wide receiver since it’s a loaded class and an increased chance to get a Stefon Diggs-type steal in the later rounds.

The Vikings are slated to have 9 picks going into the NFL draft and they need to make the most out of them.


Matthew Dobbins-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Dobbins-USA TODAY Sports

Jayden Daniels

  • LSU

  • Transfer from Arizona State

  • Height-6040

  • Weight-210 lbs

  • Fifth-year senior

  • 4-Star recruit per 247 Sports

  • Stats: 953-of-1,448 (65.8%), 10,810 yards, 89 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, 271 carries, 3,955 yards, 34 touchdowns

  • Games watched: Florida State 2023, Florida 2023, Ole Miss 2023


Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Daniels is a true dual-threat player. In winning the Heisman Trophy, he was dominant on the ground and through the air. Shows both real explosiveness in the running game while also nimble feet in open space to avoid tacklers.

As a runner, Daniels has some vibes of Lamar Jackson in how he picks his spots when to run in space. He goes through his progressions and picks his spots smartly and with confidence. In the open field, Daniels has excellent vision. He sets up his blockers extremely well and disrupts angles of defenders in space.

Daniels handles the pocket like a seasoned veteran. Stays patient in the pocket when going through his progressions and reads the full field. Evades defenders in the pocket well

As a passer, Daniels has developed very well over his five years as a starter. He throws a nice ball with anticipation and isn’t afraid to attack tight windows. Displays great ball placement, especially on the slot fade. He throws that route with precision nearly every time.

Despite a sidearm release, Daniels doesn’t have issues with batted passes. Only 7 on 1,448 pass attempts and just 10 over his final four seasons, three of those in 2023.

His two seasons at LSU showed significant growth as a passer. Had two consecutive seasons where his big-time throws outnumbered his turnover-worthy plays 4:1 after they were at 28 and 22 respectively at Arizona State


Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Doesn’t have the consistency in his dropbacks. Occasionally will get too wide in his base and sail the ball. To pair with that, his sidearm release works but it limits him from driving the ball with peak velocity.

Too often throws the ball on a rope and doesn’t have the changeup that he needs on throws that need to be layered.

While he navigates the pocket well, Daniels is much more confident on the move. He will sometimes bail the pocket too early and run the ball. To take the next step, he will need to get more comfortable dominating from the pocket.


USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Arm Strength






Ball Placement


Throwing Motion




Decision Making


Functional Mobility







87.5/100 First Round (2 Bonus Points)

Daniels is a really talented player but he misses getting a higher grade because there are still elements of his game that need to be refined. Don’t get it twisted, Daniels is a good to great prospect but isn’t quite on the elite tier. A couple of years of NFL coaching will make a massive difference for him to take the next step.

Every so often, I will give out bonus points for something that doesn’t necessarily equate with my grading scale and elite rushing ability isn’t something that I have built into my quarterback scale because it isn’t necessary to be successful at the position. Because Daniels is so good at it, that makes him a more valuable as a prospect.

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