NFL Week 13: Honda Hybrid Players of the Week | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab reveal the players they believe had the biggest impact on the ground and through the air in week 13. Brought to you by Honda and the rugged all-new CR-V Hybrid, which can run on gas, electric or both. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: As we close out our recap of week 13, we wanted to highlight two of the league's top hybrid performances of the day, thanks to Honda and the rugged all new CR-V Hybrid, which can run on gas, electric, or both. Frank, who was the best two-way player of the day? Who put up the best air and ground game on Sunday?

FRANK SCHWAB: You know, Charles, I'm going to go with Packers rookie receiver Christian Watson. This guy has really arrived. And we saw him do his normal thing, three catches, 48 yards receiving, receiving touchdown. That's what he's been doing. But then again, the ball had an end around that sealed the win, 46-yard touchdown. Looked really explosive.

Look, I'm not saying this guy is going to become Deebo Samuel, necessarily. But it's like, hmm, maybe they could even incorporate this a little bit with Watson, who is a fantastic athlete and, late this year, is really coming on as a star player for the Green Bay Packers, not just for the rest of this year, many future years to come. Charles, who's your Honda hybrid player of the week?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Mine's got to be Christian McCaffrey. I mean, obviously, he takes on more importance with Jimmy Garoppolo going down for the San Francisco 49ers. But, look, Sunday, we saw 146 yards from scrimmage. He had eight catches for 80 yards, 66 yards rushing. We saw earlier in the season after they acquired him from the Carolina Panthers, he can throw it too.

So this is a guy who, I think, fills all those hybrid boxes. And again, I think with Jimmy Garoppolo going down, they're going to have to find different ways to use him. And he slides right into the perfect hybrid role for a team that really loves hybrid players. So that's it for our hybrid players of the week. Thanks to Honda and the all new rugged CR-V Hybrid, which can run on gas, electric, or both.