Crawford: Trent Grisham has 'passed the eye-test'

Entering the 2022 season with high hopes, Trent Grisham was disappointing over the first half of the year, but Chris Crawford details how the 25-year-old has rebounded from his spring slump.

Video Transcript

CHRIS CRAWFORD: Trent Grisham was a player that many had high hopes for entering his third full season after two solid, if uneven seasons with the Padres. But over the first half of the year, there weren't many bigger disappointments with a 1.91 average and 622 OPS in those 91 games.

The second half of the year is a much smaller sample. But Grisham has turned things on with a 913 OPS over those 22 games. And in August, he's slashing 2.75, 3.96, 700 with five homers, a pair of doubles, and a steal.

The 25-year-old deserves credit for showing a quality approach at the plate, despite the fact that the hits weren't dropping as he's in the 91st percentile in chase rate and 83rd in base-on-ball percentage.

Because he puts himself in so many two-strike counts, however, Grisham is in the 12th percentile in expected batting average, 15th in hard hit percentage, and 18th in average exit velocity. Grisham has passed the eye test as of late, however, and his talent suggests he's closer to the player of the last few weeks than the one we saw over the spring.