Betting: Seahawks upset over 49ers big for sportsbooks

Minty Bets is joined by the Director of Trading for BetMGM, Jeff Stoneback, to discuss the top winners and losers for the public and the sportsbooks for NFL Week 13.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: It's time for winners and losers. Week 13 of the NFL, guys. I'm Minty Bets joined by Director of Trading for BetMGM, Jeff Stoneback. Jeff, who were the winners of the public this week?

JEFF STONEBACK: Well, actually, the public didn't do too bad today. The books are just a very small winner, but the public did cash in on the Lions beating the Vikings. Chargers over the Bengals was a winner, and the Dolphins covering against the Giants, that was winners for the public today.

MINTY BETS: And who were the winners of the house?

JEFF STONEBACK: House really only had two significant winners, and one was a very large one. It was Washington beating the Raiders, and Seattle hanging on at the end there against the 49ers. Those were the only real two winners for the house today.

MINTY BETS: Well, hopefully, you guys were on the right side. And if not, there's always next week. Thank you, Jeff. Bet $1 on any game and win $100 free. Sign up now at