Vermont H.S. scores for May 23: See how your favorite team fared

The 2023 Vermont high school spring season has begun. See below for scores, schedules and game details (statistical leaders, game notes) from baseball, softball, lacrosse, Ultimate and tennis games/matches.

To report scores: Coaches or team representatives are asked to report results ASAP after games by emailing Please submit with a name/contact number.

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Missisquoi 6, St. Johnsbury 0

M: Molly Medor (WP, 1H, 12K, 3BB).

S: Emersen Mitchell (LP, 10H, 4K, 2BB).

Rice 7, Milton 3

R: Alayna Havreluk (WP, CG, 7IP, 3H, 3R, 7K, 5BB; 2B at the plate). Maddie Ryley (2-for-3, 2B). Finley Strong (3B).

M: Grace Williams (LP, 6IP, 6H, 7R, 13K, 1BB). Jessica Hensley (HR).

Note: Havreluk's double in the fourth scored a pair and Strong followed with a triple as Rice took a 7-2 lead in the frame.

Mount Abraham 15, Middlebury 1 (5)

MA: Eve McCormick (WP, CG, 5IP, 3H, 1R, 1ER, 2K, 0BB). Payton Vincent (2-for-3, RBI). Gabrielle LaFreniere (3-for-3, 5 RBIs). Dakota Larocque (2-for-2, RBI). Abigail Parker (2-for-3, 2 RBIs). Madelyn Hayden (1-for-2, 3 RBIs).

MIDD: Meredith Cameron (1-for-2, HR).

South Burlington 11, North Country 1

SB: Emily Borrazzo (WP, CG, 7IP, 2H, 1R, 1ER, 16K, 0BB). Miah Lafayette (2-for-3). Annika Erickson (3-for-4, 2B). Devon Cherry (2-for-3, 2B). Jordan Larose (2B).

NC: Abby Bathalon (LP, CG, 6IP, 9H, 11R, 5ER, 2K, 5BB). Tyra Schelza (HR).

Note: Wolves' star, Borrazzo, surpassed 500 career strikeouts in the fifth inning.

Essex 25, Mount Mansfield 0 (5)

E: Trinity Anaya (WP, 3IP, 0H, 0R, 6K). Katie Preston (1-for-1, 2 RBIs). Gabby Spagnuolo-Chawla (2-for-4, 2B, 5 runs). Gabby Henry (2-for-3, 2B, 4 RBIs, 4 runs). Avery Casavant (1-for-2, 2 RBIs, 3 runs). Lucy Minadeo (2-for-3, 3 RBIs).

Enosburg 20, Vergennes 1 (5)

E: Makenna Lovelette (WP, CG, 5IP, 2H, 1R, 9K; 2-for-3 at the plate, 2 RBIs). Camryn Benoit (3-for-4, RBI). Lilly Robtoy (2-for-4, 3B, 2 RBIs). Gabby Spaulding (3-for-4, 2B, 3B, 3 RBIs). Annabelle Elwood (3-for-4, 3B, RBI). Cassidy Blaney (2-for-4, 2B, 2 RBIs). Gretchen Striebris (2-for-3, 2 2B, 5 RBIs).

V: Savanah Blaise (LP, 3IP, 10H, 13R, 2K, 1BB).

Colchester 2, Champlain Valley 1

COL: Athanasia Boyer (WP, CG, 3H, 1R,1ER, 7K, 0BB. Hailey Fane-Cushing (1-for-2, BB). Ava Robare (1-for-3). Nicole Norton (1-for-2). Alaina Cheeseman (1-for-4, RBI).

CV: Mackenzie Yandow (LP, 3IP, 3H, 2R, 2ER, 1K, 3BB). Alex Wemple (2-for-2). Lucy Mincar (1-for-3).

U-32 17, Spaulding 14

U: Mya Gould (WP, 2IP in relief, 7H, 4R). Kaydence Smith (3-for-4, 2B, 2 RBIs). Caroline Flynn (3-for-3, 2 2B, 2 RBIs). Elyse Kelley (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Maryssa Rossi (2-for-5, 2B).

S: Rory Glassford (2-for-4, 2B, 3B). Taylor Keel (2-for-5, 2B). Rebecca McKelvey (2-for-4, 2B). Deanna Wild (3-for-5, 3-run HR). Alexis Otis-Leclerc (2-for-2, 2-run HR).

BFA-Fairfax 32, Northfield 2

F: Anna Villenueve (WP, 5Ip, 3H, 2R, 6K). Abigail Langlois (2H). Melissa Hall (2H). Faith Benjamin (2H). Ella Drury (3H). Laurel Coleman (3H, 2B). Halle Rocheleau (4H, 2B, 3B).

Lyndon 29, Lamoille 6

LYN: Ashleigh Simpson (WP, 4IP, 2H, 0R, 5K, 0BB). Sarah Tanner (2-for-4, HR, 5 RBIs, 3 runs). Abby Fillion (2-for-4, 2B, HR, 6 RBIs, 3 runs). Molly Renaudette (2-for-3, 2 RBIs, 3 runs). Jaydin Royer (2-for-3, RBI). Molly Smith (2-for-4, HR, 4 RBIs, 4 runs). Rylie Taylor (2-for-3, 2 RBIs).

Lake Region 18, Harwood 6 (6)

LR: Mikayla Richardson (WP, 4IP, 6H, 1R, 0ER, 2K, 1BB). Ashlyn Hicks (5 runs, 5 BB). Destiny Glover (2H, 2 RBIs). Lauren Legacy (2 RBIs). Mariah Bacon (2H, 2B, 4 RBIs). Myah Ingalls (1H, RBI, 3 runs). Kaitlyn Brown (1H, 2 RBIs). Sage Sweeney (1H, 3 RBIs).

H: Ciera Fiaschetti (2H, RBI). Brooke Daunna (2H, 2 RBIs). Cailn Brooks (1H, RBI). Cally Young (2H).

Blue Mountain at Peoples, 4:30 p.m.

Twinfield at Williamstown, 4:30 p.m.

Richford at Craftsbury, 4:30 p.m.


Rice 10, St. Johnsbury 5

R: Wyatt Wolpert (2IP, 1H, 0ER, 2K, 2BB; 2-for-4 at the plate, 2B, RBI). Evan Havreluk (1-for-5, 3B, 2 RBIs). Coleton Merchant (5IP, 6H, 5R, 4ER, 3K, 1BB; 2B at the plate).

S: Jason Mitchell Jr. (2.2IP, 5H, 9R, 3ER, 4K, 4BB; 2-for-3 at the plate, 3B, 2B, RBI). Rex Hauser (4.1IP, 1H, 6ER, 4K, 1BB). Cage Thompson (2-for-4).

Burlington 8, BFA-St. Albans 4

B: Davis Hobbs (WP, 7IP, 7H, 4R, 2ER, 16K, 1BB; 2-for-3 at the plate). Nash Griffin (1-for-3, 3 RBIs).

BFA: Seneca Durocher (LP, .2IP, 0H, 5R, 5ER, 2K, 4BB, 2HBP).

Champlain Valley 7, Colchester 6

CV: Robbie Fragola (1-for-5, 2 RBIs). Chase Whitman (1-for-2, RBI). Declan Cummings (1-for-2, RBI). Elise Berger (WP, 1IP in relief, 0H, 0R, 1K, 0BB).

COL: Malakai Callahan (1-for-4, RBI). Matai Callahan (1-for-4, RBI). Jack Robinson (1-for-4, RBI). Zach Davis (ND, 5.2IP, 3H, 5R, 5ER, 7K, 5BB).

Note: An infield error in the bottom of the seventh gave CVU (12-2) the walk-off win over the Lakers.

Mount Mansfield 4, Essex 3 (9)

M: Owen Pinaud (ND, 7IP, 4H, 3R, 0ER, 8K, 1BB; 2-for-5 at the plate, 2 runs). Langdon Hazen (WP, 2IP, 1H, 0ER, 3K). Dylan Combs (1-for-3, 2B, 2 RBIs). Easton Randall (1-for-4, 2B).

E: Tobey Appenzeller (8.2IP, 4H, 4R, 0ER, 8K, 4BB).

Note: Mount Mansfield's Will Erickson scored the winning run on an error as the Cougars walked off for their ninth straight win. Following a 3-run inning by Essex, Combs' RBI-double came with two outs in the bottom of the seventh to send the game into extra innings.

Mount Abraham 10, Middlebury 7

MA: Caleb Russell (2H, 2-run HR, 3 RBIs). Tanner Castillo (2H, 2B, 3 runs). Chance Denecker (2H). Tanner Castillo (2B). Aricin Griffin (2B). Gus Hill (WP, 6Ip, 5H, 1ER, 8K).

MIDD: Timothy Whitney (LP, 6IP, 12H, 10R).

Milton 2, Missisquoi 1

MIL: Carter Abell (WP, CG, 7IP, 4H, 1R, 1ER, 6K, 2BB). Aidan Greenfield (2-for-3, run). Hunter McClellan (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Nate Pepin (2-for-3).

MISS: Eli Calhoun (LP, CG, 7IP, 8H, 2R, 1ER, 7K, 4BB). Raymond Fournier (1-for-3, RBI).

Note: McClellan's RBI-single to right field plated Greenfield for a 2-0 lead in the top of the seventh that held for the final.

Peoples 17, Blue Mountain 7 (5)

P: Ben Alekson (WP, CG, 5IP, 3H, 3ER, 14K, 2BB; 2-for-3, 3B, 3 RBIs). Derek Baxter (2-for-4, 2 HRs, 3 RBIs). Will Brochhausen (2-for-3, 2B, RBI). Camden Strong (4-for-5, 5 RBIs). Chandler Follensbee (3-for-4, 2 2B, 2 RBIs).

B: Ricky Fennimore (LP, 3.1IP, 8H, 8ER, 4K, 2BB). Evan Dennis (3-for-3, 2 2B, HR, 4 RBIs). Kason Blood (2-for-2, HR, RBI).

Note: Peoples scored seven runs in the fourth frame to take the lead and kept it into the bottom of the fifth when Alekson hit a single with the bases loaded bringing in the two winning runs.

BFA-Fairfax 14, Northfield 4 (5)

B: Evan Fletcher (WP, 5IP, 6H, 4R, 2ER, 6K, 3BB; 2-for-3 at the plate, RBI). Gabe Nyland-Funke (2-for-4, 2 RBIs). Ryan Sheehan (2-for-2, RBI). Dylan Sicard (1-for-2, RBI).

Note: BFA-Fairfax scored five runs in the second inning.

Lyndon 10, Lamoille 1

LYN: Ethan Lussier (WP, CG, 7IP, 3H, 1R, 18K, 1BB; 3-for-4 at the plate, 2B, 3 RBIs). Logan Wheeler (2B, 2 RBIs). Austin Wheeler (3B, RBI). Cam Berry (1-for-2). Eli Hooker (1-for-2). Karter Morey (1-for-2, RBI).

U-32 10, Spaulding 6

U: Alex Keane (WP, CG, 7IP, 10H, 6R, 4ER, 6K, 1BB). Sawyer Mislak (1-for-4, RBI, 3 runs).

S: Cole McAllister (LP, 2IP, 3H, 6R, 4K, 2BB; 3-for-4 at the plate, 2B). Averill Parker (2-for-4, 4 RBIs). Zack Wilson (2-for-4, 3B).

Note: U-32 halted Spaulding's 10-game winning streak.

Burr and Burton 15 Stratton Mountain 1 (5)

BB: Trevor Greene (3-for-3, 2 RBIs). Jack McCoy (1-for-3, 2 RBIs). Tor Majorell (1-for-3, 2 RBis). Danny Scarlotta (WP, 4IP, 2H, 1R, 6K; 1-for-3 at the plate, 3 RBIs).

Hazen 1, Thetford 0

H: Tyler Rivard (2-for-3). James Montgomery (2-for-2, 2B). Andrew Menard (WP, CG, 2H, 7K).

T: Xander Oshoniyi (LP, 6IP, 5H, 1R, 6K).

Montpelier 4, Randolph 2

M: Keegan Smith (WP, 4IP, 3H, 1R, 1ER, 9K, 4BB). Andrew Tringe (2-for-3, 3B, RBI). Will Talbert (1-for-3, 2B).

Harwood 5, Lake Region 0

Williamstown at Richford, 4:30 p.m.

Girls lacrosse

Spaulding 20, Lamoille 1

S: Isabella Boudreault 4G, 2A. Ruby Harrington 2G, 3A. Bella Bevins 2G. Halle Allen 3G, 2A. Maddie Grost 2G. Abbie Viens 2A. Paige Allen 5G, 1A. Grace Isham 2G.

Hartford 19, Harwood 1

Vergennes/Mount Abraham at Milton, 4:30 p.m.

Boys lacrosse

South Burlington 11, Champlain Valley 4

SB: Will Hershberg 3G, 1A. Will Goyette 3G, 1A. Ollie Vogt 2G. Evan Knoth 10 saves.

CV: Jacob Bose 2G. Harper Anderson 6 saves.

Note: Brooks Balkan won 80% of the faceoffs as South Burlington (12-1) seized a big win over defending Division I champion CVU to take control of the division's top seed.

Middlebury 14, Essex 7

M: Owen Lawton 7G. Tobey Draper 4G. Logan McNulty 1G, 3A. Zack Jeter 1G. Gavin McNulty 1G. Keegan Brown 9 saves.

E: Harrison Hutton 4G. Josef Hoffman 1G. Tanner Robbins 1G. Charlie Bowen 1G. Mason Mackres 8 saves.

Mount Mansfield 13, Rutland 10

M: Finn Heney 3G. Jack Arpey 3G. Brady Morigeau 2G, 1A. Alex Brown 2G, 1A. Jackson Loeffler 1G. Harry Clark 1G. Phil Gulizio 1G. Ethan Myers 2A. Ray Chamberland 1A, 9 saves.

R: Noah Bruttenesso 3G. Sawyer Nelson 3G. Ethan Wideawake 2G. Riley Rodrigue 1G. Brad Burton 1G. Jarrett Kelly 7 saves. Emilio Strangeway 1 save.

Burlington 12, Spaulding 7

B: Macintosh Swann 3G. Rowen Clarke 3G. Eamon Brown 3G. Olin Brown 1G. Max Behrans 1G. Miles Goldsmith 1G. Cannon Poulin 14 saves.

BFA-St. Albans 7, Rice 4

Girls tennis

Burlington 7, Rice 0

Singles: Lulu Barr-Brandt, B def. Sophia Strouse, R 6-0, 6-1; Aolfe Crainich, B def. Lily Collins 6-4, 6-0; Gussie Guyette, B def. Anna Wolters, R 6-0, 6-4; Georgia Wool, B def. Maty Sultzbaugh 6-0, 6-3; Dienna Beynnon, B def. Evie Quinlan 6-2, 6-0.

Doubles: Gabby Schulman/Ella Lipkin, B def. Gabby Sneddon/Ella McCormack, R 6-2, 6-1; Martina Mosso/Maren Lindstrom, B def. Lili Diemer/Lucy McLaughlin 6-0, 6-4.

South Burlington 4, St. Johnsbury 3

Singles: Wynne Adamson, SB def. Dolma Sherpa, SJ 6-1, 6-2; Angela Meraz, SJ def. Ella Maynard, SB 4-6, 7-5, 10-5; Emma Xia, SB def. Valeria Garza, SJ 6-1, 6-3; Irene Martinon, SJ def. Grace Stein 6-4, 6-4; Ella Stein, SB def. Victoria Gutirrez, SJ 6-3, 3-6, 10-4.

Doubles: Stella O’Brien/Ayowunmi Adeyuwi, SB Sofia Limoges/Ivy Pavick, SJ 6-0, 4-6, 10-3; Regina Rebello/Valentina Belleza, SJ def. Taylor LaRose/Bridget Simone, SB 7-5, 4-6, 10-8.

Champlain Valley 5, South Burlington 2 (Monday)

Singles: Wynne Adamson, SB def. Anna Dauerman, CV 6-4, 7-6 (3); Cassie Bastress, CV def. Ella Maynard, SB 6-3, 6-1; Tabitha Bastress, CV def. Grace Stein, SB 6-0, 6-3; Sage Peterson, CV def. Ella Stein, SB 6-3, 6-0; Stella Makay, CV def. Tenzin Choekyi, SB 6-1, 6-4.

Doubles: Millie Boardman/Ella Lisle, CV def. Stella O'Brien/Evie Clifford, SB 6-3, 6-4; Bridget Simone/Taylor Larose, S def. Eliza Willoughby/Kennedy Desaulets, CV 6-3, 6-3.

Mount Mansfield at BFA-St. Albans, 3:30 p.m.

Girls Ultimate

Burlington 12, Middlebury 5

B: Rosalie Perkinson 2G. Elodie Dietschi 2G. Rosalie Brown 1G, 2A. Elena Dragon-Krajac 1G, 1A. Li Lin Weinberger 1G, 1A. Medea Daky 3A. Lola Rubin 2A.

M: Ari Graham-Gurland 3G. Maggie Conklin 1G, 1A. Elise Heppel 1G, 1A. Vivian Ross 3A.

Montpelier 13, South Burlington 12

M: Pilar Abele 5G, 4A. Finley Torrens-Martin 5A. Sophia Floria 1G, 3A. Grace Acosta 2G. Dixie Shrout 1G. Elise McDermet 1G. Lena Donofrio 1G. Sophia Jerome 1G. Grace Hall 1G.

SB: Clara Margulius 3G, 2A. Lucy Flemer 3G. Lily Hankes 2G. Moriya Gelfenbein 1G, 3A. Sunny Wickenden 1G, 3A. Liz Toupin 1G. Emma Vogt 1G. Annie Chalnick 2A. Ava Jensen 2A.

Note: Montpelier improves to 9-2; South Burlington drops to 8-5.

Track and field

Meet at St. Johnsbury: results

Meet at North Country: results

Meet at U-32: results.



U-32 at Thetford, 4:30 p.m.

Burlington/Winooski at Middlebury, 4:30 p.m.


U-32 at Thetford, 4:30 p.m.

Girls lacrosse

Mount Mansfield at BFA-St. Albans, 4:30 p.m.

Champlain Valley at Middlebury, 4:30 p.m.

Essex at South Burlington, 4:30 p.m.

Green Mountain Valley at Stowe, 4:30 p.m.

U-32 at Rice, 4:30 p.m.

Boys lacrosse

Champlain Valley at Mount Mansfield, 4:30 p.m.

Stowe at BFA-Fairfax, 4:30 p.m.

St. Johnsbury at Hartford, 4:30 p.m.

Spaulding at Harwood, 4:30 p.m.

Green Mountain Valley at Montpelier, 4:30 p.m.

Girls tennis

Rice at Burlington, 3:30 p.m.

Stowe at Colchester, 3:30 p.m.

Essex at Champlain Valley, 4:30 p.m.

South Burlington at St. Johnsbury, 3:30 p.m.

Boys tennis

Burlington at Rice, 3:30 p.m.

Colchester at Stowe, 3:30 p.m.

Champlain Valley at Essex, 3:30 p.m.

St. Johnsbury at South Burlington, 3:30 p.m.

Boys Ultimate

Montpelier at Essex, 4 p.m.

Mount Mansfield at South Burlington, 4 p.m.

Unified Basketball championship

Burr and Burton vs. Burlington at Norwich University, 4 p.m.

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