“Unzipping” the Sumida River

“Opening the River” is an art installation of artist Yasuhiro Suzuki who created this “zipper” like boat to symbolize the device between the ancient provinces and the new. Located on the Sumida River the “Fastener Ship” would travel back and forth between the Azumabashi bridge and Sakurabashu banks in Japan. Suzuki’s inspiration for this art piece arrived when he was on a plane above Tokyo, Japan and noticed that the boats on the Sumida River looked like they were splitting the waters. Learn more at Sumiyume.jp

Transcript: “Unzipping” the Sumida River. Artist Yasuhiro Suzuki created a fastener ship titled “Opening the River.” It is an outdoor installation for Designart Tokyo 2020. The boat will travel back and forth on the Sumida River in Japan. Suzuki was inspired on a flight seeing the ships traveling on the river. The ships appeared to be splitting the water. Suzuki’s piece symbolizes the divide between the ancient and the new.