‘Unvaccinated’ Marjorie Taylor Greene owns stock in three vaccine companies

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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (AP)

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an extremist Republican congresswoman who routinely trafficks in misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic and those who warn of its seriousness, is being criticised for owning stock in companies that produce vaccines.

As reported by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Ms Greene this summer officially declared income from shares in AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson – the latter two of which manufacture two of the three main vaccines rolled out across the US.

According to her disclosure form, she made between $201 and $1,000 from each of the three companies.

The shares have become a talking point for her Republican primary opponent, Jennifer Strahan, who hosted a Twitter poll asking followers to guess how many vaccine companies Ms Greene holds an interest in.

Ms Strahan faces extremely long odds in her effort to displace the far-right incumbent, who has proven one of the Republican Party’s most fearsome fundraisers despite the numerous incidents of abuse and misinformation in which she has embroiled herself.

Ms Greene, whose embrace of unhinged, racist and sometimes violent conspiracy theories has made her internationally notorious, has been one of the most furious anti-vaccine voices among congressional Republicans.

This weekend, she appeared at the “Americafest” conference staged by far-right youth organising group Turning Point USA and told the crowd she still refused to get her shot.

“I’m not vaccinated,” she said to cheers from the crowd. “And they’re going to have a hell of a time if they want to hold me down and give me a vaccine.”

The official Turning Point USA Twitter account celebrated the universally unmasked faces of the Americafest audience. “Welcome back, America!” it tweeted.

Ms Greene has also tweeted anti-vaccine misinformation multiple times, sharing unsubstantiated stories that thousands of people have died after being inoculated against Covid-19 while specifically railing against the Pfizer vaccine, claiming that “Many people’s personal testimonies are saying they are still getting sick with covid and vaccinated people are spreading it. It should NOT be approved or mandated”.

In November, she complained that Pfizer had blocked her. “How incredibly childish. If Pfizer can block people then we can block their vaccines.”