Unique shirt steals show at NYC Colin Kaepernick rally

Shutdown Corner

NEW YORK – While there were many signs, slogans and symbols present at Wednesday’s “United We Stand” rally for Colin Kaepernick outside of NFL headquarters, one shirt in particular caught the collective eye of the Internet.

The shirt, which features a kneeling Kaepernick with a black fist fixed atop his head like his signature Afro, is titled “I’m With Kap, Just-Us” and is the creation of 36-year-old creative director Milton Dodson and Middle Eastern political cartoonist Khalid Wad Albaih.

The “I’m With Kap, Just-Us” T-shirt from Black Ivy The Brand. (Image courtesy of Black Ivy The Brand)
The “I’m With Kap, Just-Us” T-shirt from Black Ivy The Brand. (Image courtesy of Black Ivy The Brand)

“We wanted to make something that people could resonate with and understand exactly what the movement was about at a time when the Black Power fist is symbolic,” Dodson, who is based out of Atlanta, told Yahoo Sports.

Kaepernick’s likeness and message aren’t just symbolized on the shirt, as the company that sells it, Black Ivy The Brand, contributes to charitable causes with each shirt that is sold.

“We just started selling it, but the shirt was designed over a year ago,” Dodson said. “A portion of all proceeds of the shirt go to foundations and organizations that contribute to fighting these civil crimes against humanity.”

While Dodson said the shirts sales have not exploded, it’s likely after Wednesday’s rally, where more than a dozen activists and organizers donned it, that supporters of Kaepernick will be clamoring for it.

“[We’re] Still in the hundreds … for now,” Dodson said.

On the website where the shirt is for sale, Albaih, who according to his Twitter account is based out of Qatar and founded “Mr. Khartoon!”, writes: “The Black Ivy Brand felt it was important to extend ourself to a cause we feel passionately about such as the Colin Kaepernick protest against the wave of police brutality sweeping the nation.”

In total, there are eight versions of the shirt, in both men’s and women’s styles featuring the former 49ers quarterback in both his home and away jerseys and range from $30 to $35 per shirt.

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