Ukraine secures confident victory over the Netherlands in the second match of Hockey World Cup

Photo: Ukraine’s national hockey team
Photo: Ukraine’s national hockey team

The Ukrainian national ice hockey team has continued its winning streak by defeating the Netherlands in the second match of the World Championship in Division Group 1B.

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Details: The match ended with a score of 4:0.

The most efficient players of the match were Pylyp Panhelov-Yuldashev and Viktor Zakharov, who scored one goal and one assist each.

The match was suspended in the first period due to technical issues with the ice. At the time of the pause, Ukraine led by the score of 1:0.

World Championship of Hockey

2nd round

Division Group 1B

Twinsbet Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania

Ukraine – Netherlands 4:0 (2:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Panhelov-Yuldashev (07:13 – more, Sadovnikov, Morozov), 2:0 Merezhko (12:41, Yanishevskyi, Morozov), 3:0 Zakharov (13:11, Lialka, Panhelov-Yuldashev), 45:44 – 4:0.

Earlier, in the first match of the World Cup, Ukraine took Estonia by storm (8:0). Ukraine’s national team is ranked first in the division, ahead of China and Lithuania, who also won two games, thanks to a better goal difference.

Division Group 1B standings

  1. Ukraine – 6 points (2 games), 12:0 (goal difference)

  2. China – 6 (2), 10:1

  3. Lithuania – 6 (2), 9:1

  4. Netherlands – 0 (1), 0:7

  5. Spain – 0 (1), 1:10

  6. Estonia – 0 (1), 1:14

In the next match, Ukraine will compete with China. The match will take place on 30 April at 12:30 Kyiv time. The teams have already met in preparation for the tournament, and then the Ukrainian team defeated their opponents 9:0.

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