UFC 229: 3 members of Khabib's team detained, McGregor to decline pressing charges

Three members of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team were detained for their part in the UFC 229 brawl after his win over Conor McGregor.

After the fight and the post-event chaos, UFC president Dana White said that he thinks three members of Nurmagomedov’s team were arrested and on their way to jail. After initially anticipating charges, White later told reporters that McGregor had declined to press charges and that they were being released.

In a video of the fight which started after Nurmagomedov beat McGregor by submission, a man who is believed to be Nurmagomedov’s teammate or friend jumped into the Octagon while Nurmagomedov was already punching someone in the crowd. White said that one of McGregor’s teammates had been “talking smack” to Nurmagomedov and he just “ran and dove over the Octagon.”

Almost simultaneously, two of Nurmagomedov’s friends jumped into the Octagon to go after McGregor. In footage of the riot, it appears that one sucker punched McGregor in the back of the head, escalating the chaos on Saturday night.

It is unclear who the other two team member are or what they did during the melee.

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