Tyron Smith restructure leaves Cowboys with almost $23M cap space

The details of the restructure of Tyron Smith’s contract have emerged. Just as Cowboys Wire laid out earlier in the week, Dallas had a path to create over $40 million in cap space by executing savings from Ezekiel Elliott, DeMarcus Lawrence and Tyron Smith’s cap hits. That article also mapped out how converting Michael Gallup’s base salary could save money, too, but that wasn’t a recommended move.

The Cowboys did all of the above, releasing Elliott, converting Gallup and Lawrence’s deal and restructuring Smith’s. The details from the latter have emerged and it turns out that Dallas has added another $9.6 million of cap space. Even after accounting for the deals agreed to with safety Donovan Wilson and linebacker Leighton Vander Esch, and trading for corner Stephon Gilmore, Dallas sits with just under $23 million of cap space now.

Smith started yesterday with one final year remaining on his deal for $13.6 million in salary. The issue of course was that Smith hasn’t played a full season in a long time and has missed the majority of several of those years. The new structure will pay him like the elite player he is for the time he actually spends on the field, protecting Dallas for when he’s on the bench.

Dallas added a second void year to Smith’s deal, so he just counts $4 million above his already allocated bonus hit of $4.05 million from previous seasons, instead of the $13.6 million.

The full details aren’t known, but it appears all of the playtime bonuses are centered around a minimum of games played being above the four he appeared in 2022.

What will Dallas do with the money? Scuttlebutt and rumors are swirling around a WR pickup, with fans discussing their favorite trade targets such as Artizona’s DeAndre Hopkins or the Bills’ Stefon Diggs, while others think an agreement with free agent Odell Beckham, Jr. is the direction Dallas is heading. To this point, no beat reporter has confirmed progress on any of these fronts; it remains water cooler talk. For now.

Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire