Two new Jets Hall of Famers are split on the team trading for Aaron Rodgers

A pair of new Jets Hall of Famers have different opinions on whether a future Hall of Famer should be a Jet.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis is in favor of it. Defensive lineman Joe Klecko is not.

Revis recently told that Rodgers, if he becomes a Jet, should “come in humble.” But Revis believes it can work.

“I believe he has weapons at every position,” Revis said. “As Jets fans, as Jet lovers, we can see some high-scoring games. We can see some big victories. . . . Having a superstar quarterback in Rodgers, he can definitely put points on the board very quickly which would help the defense rest much better and they can be more explosive.”

Klecko has a different opinion. He recently told Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio that Rodgers could ruin the locker room,” given the age of the team and the attitude that Rodgers will bring with him to New York.

That’s likely why Revis recommends that Rodgers comes in humble. It also would be wise for Rodgers to come in early, for all offseason work. He also should welcome his new teammates to California or wherever he spends time in the offseason for off-the-clock workouts — like Patrick Mahomes did last year with his new receivers.

Wherever Rodgers plays in 2023, he needs to be all in. Hopefully, his time in the darkness will have given him that specific piece of enlightenment.

But, frankly, he shouldn’t need to be locked in a closet to know that the difference between the Chiefs without Tyreek Hill and the Packers without Davante Adams was that Mahomes went far above and beyond to make the new players as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible. Rodgers, in contrast, was aloof and standoffish and not present.

Is it a surprise that the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and that things started clicking in Green Bay when it was too late to reverse and early-season slide?

Thus, while it won’t be easy for Rodgers to walk away from $60 million in 2023, this year he needs to truly earn it. Wherever he plays.

Two new Jets Hall of Famers are split on the team trading for Aaron Rodgers originally appeared on Pro Football Talk