Two dark horse WRs that can finish as WR1 in 2023 | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Matt Harmon reveals two WRs he thinks could have Cooper Kupp-like MVP fantasy seasons in 2023. Harmon believes Saints WR Chris Olave and Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown have limitless fantasy ceilings in 2023 and explains why. Subscribe to Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Now, there are two guys I think that can make the case for. One is going at-- is ranked wide receiver nine. It's Amon-Ra St. Brown. St. Brown is a great player and I think he is just in a perfect situation to produce.

Like, he could have a Cooper Kupp type season where he's just always open. He has Jared Goff who just loves this type of receiver. Like, if he-- you know, if he caught 130 balls, you know, next year and like-- and he could score 10 touchdowns, right?

Everybody except Jamaal Williams was so unlucky inside the 5-yard line last year. And Amon-Ra St. Brown is chief among those dudes. Like, if he goes for 130, 140 catches and he catches 10 touchdowns, he's gonna be like a top-five fantasy receiver. And I think that's pretty well within his range of outcomes. He can be like a top-three guy, even if he's not as exciting.

And the other guy I would mention is Chris Olave, who I mean is a stone-cold stud. Olave, I think actually kind of is on that Justin Jefferson trajectory. That sounds like a hot take. But I mean, he was so good as a rookie. There is like-- there's minimal target competition here.

But there's also just enough that like just as it was in Minnesota last year, defenses had to respect TJ Hockenson, especially when he got there. And even if Adam Thielen is a player that is severely in decline. He's not like a nobody, you know? KJ Osborn can sort of make plays.

In New Orleans, maybe Michael Thomas is this year's Adam Thielen for them. You've got Rashid Shaheed, who I think who could be a really good player. Juwan Johnson, Foster Moreau. They've got some running backs there. And Derek Carr is good enough to feed Chris Olave like a top-level fantasy season, you know, even if he's got some holes in his game, for sure.

So those are the two receivers I think that I could see aren't being drafted, you know, aren't being rank inside the top like five receivers but could easily have like a wide receiver one-- maybe not easily. But like, I can envision a wide receiver one overall season for those two guys, which I think makes them at least belong in this conversation, all bias admitted, as the lead lobbyists for big receiver.