Here are the top 10 Gators with the most NFL games played

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We are a week away from the NFL draft, an event that is not being touted as must-see TV in Gainesville because of the lack of Gators who are expected to be picked — especially the first two days. This crop of Florida alumni is not nearly as robust as some of those in the past, and subsequently, fan interest is down this April.

But the draft has been berry berry good (as Chico Escuela used to say) to the Orange and Blue over the years.

The great thing is that Gators who were good in the NFL were also very good at Florida, so it’s not like anyone feels their time in Gainesville was wasted.

So, here’s a game you can play the next time you’re in a social setting with Gator fans. Ask them to name the top 10 Gator players in terms of most NFL games played. Some are easy, some are not.