Tom Brady has group text with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, wouldn't tell them where he'll play

Tom Brady’s first-ever foray into free agency is rapidly approaching, and the (possibly former) New England Patriots quarterback is maintaining radio silence on whatever his plans are. He won’t even tell two incredibly famous and Oscar-winning Patriots fans: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Affleck and Damon are famous enough to be in a group text with Brady, but apparently that’s not enough for Brady to tell them where he’s going to sign in free agency. Affleck appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up” on Tuesday and revealed Brady’s response to that all-important question.

When they asked, Brady responded with a shrug emoji. That’s cold.

Brady may have left Affleck and Damon hanging, but that didn’t change how Affleck feels about him. He called Brady “a prince, and a kind guy and a really sweet man.” He said that he “worships” Brady and said that he’s “the greatest football player who’s ever lived and I don’t know who could ever possibly deny that.”

Affleck said that he wants Brady to return but understands if he chooses to go to another team. He also faulted the Patriots for not surrounding Brady with enough talent during his 19 full seasons with the team. Affleck lamented that the Pats only won six Super Bowls with Brady, when they could have won eight or nine if they’d surrounded him with more talent.

Suggesting that the Patriots could have — or should have — won nine Super Bowls with Brady proves one thing: Ben Affleck definitely knows how to get Patriots fans to love him and everyone else to boo him on sight.

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