TNF - Seahawks vs. Cowboys | Fantasy Football Live

The FFL team discusses a few headlines ahead of the Seahawks vs. Cowboys.

Video Transcript

- Seattle going to Dallas. You see the line there. Dallas favored heavy, 9 and 1/2 over under on this one, 47 and 1/3. So a little surprising that number is that big. Speaks to how well Dallas is playing right now and, of course, it speaks to some of the actives inactives, which is going to impact this game. Because we all know Kenneth Walker III, inactive at this point and also Rico Dowdle will be active in this. So a lot to keep our eye on, but we'll start with you, Matt Harmon. What's one thing you have your eye on in this game?

MATT HARMON: Well, listen. You know I'm going to bring this to the receiver room in Seattle, which I was extremely excited about coming into this year. I mean, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have been two of my guys for a long time, especially Tyler Lockett, and JSN was the consensus number one receiver prospect in this draft class, but man. I'm starting to get to a point now where I think all of these guys have cannibalized each other.

22% of the targets for Tyler, or for DK Metcalf. 20.4% for Tyler Lockett. JSN at a healthy 15.3%, but the problem here is that nobody is really firing off at their ceiling because the quarterback's not playing to what we saw last year. Obviously, Geno has not been that guy and the volume concerns here and somewhat, honestly, like the spacing concerns in the offense.

You got guys like running routes in the same area, which is very un Tyler Lockett like, it's very un DK Metcalf like. It's just not a very organized process right now so because the ceilings down with the efficiency concerns and then overall just, again, like these guys are all cannibalizing each other. I really wish I was more jazzed up about the Seahawks receivers in this match-up and really rest the season, but I'm just not.

- Yeah, and that's going to play into our primetime picks coming later into this show because it gets tough when you're trying to figure out who's going to be good. I'll give you something I've got my eye on. You mentioned quarterback play and we keep talking about Dak. And I understand we all want to talk about Dak, but maybe there's somebody else with the Cowboys that we should give some flowers to and that's head coach Mike McCarthy.

Because we've been tough on McCarthy for years for all of the things he apparently can't accomplish as a head coach, but when you start looking at the advanced metrics and the efficiency that we are seeing from Dak, it's impressive. When you start to look at everything we're seeing from CeeDee Lamb, it's incredible and at some point, we have to look at this and say, hey, guess what? Kellen Moore's over there in LA not doing great work with the Chargers.

They're fine, but it's not great. In the meantime, McCarthy, who's been much maligned, is out here with an MVP candidate quarterback, with the wide receiver that looks like one of the best in the game, and with an offense that is cooking in every possible way. When we start to look at the efficiency that we're seeing from the Cowboys and the fact that I think they're a Super Bowl contender, maybe we have to give a little apology to Mike McCarthy in that process.

- All right, Andy. What do you have your eye on in this One?

- Yeah, for me it's Zach Charbonnet and we discussed this a little bit last week ahead of those Thursday games. He is stepping into a guaranteed workload with no Kenneth Walker, right, but the schedule has been so unkind to him. It was San Francisco last week, it's Dallas this week, then it's San Francisco again, and then it's Philly. This is a really impressive runner in terms of balance like power, versatility, he can certainly catch the ball really well. You're going to get 4 to 5 catches out of him. You're definitely getting 15, or more carries.

I mean, he's going to see 90% of this backfield workload. Dallas is great defensively, but I will say like in Charbonnet's favor this week, they are not a complete Stonewall against the run. This isn't exactly like the Niners. Like James Conner had a terrific game against the Cowboys. The Panthers backs kind of got their numbers against the Cowboys. The Rams backs, without Kyren Williams, got their numbers against the Cowboys. Charbonnet I would say-- I don't want to say too many glowing things about the Seattle offense exactly, but he is probably the Seattle skill player most likely to find the end zone and there's also comfort in high workload.