Titans take down Packers in frigid, snowy Green Bay I The Rush

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers failed to build on their win over the Cowboys with a Thursday Night Football loss to the Tennessee Titans in a frigid and snowy Green Bay, Sunday’s Cleveland Browns vs Buffalo Bills game has been relocated to Detroit because of an impending weather event and Major League Baseball has crowned its Most Valuable Players of 2022, with Paul Goldschmidt of the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees capping off his record-breaking season in the American League with the sport’s biggest individual prize.

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JARED QUAY: The Tennessee Titans traveled north to take down the Packers at Lambeau Field. The Titans are sitting pretty at 7 and 3, while the Packers are slumming it at 4 and 7. You probably noticed it was freezing cold and snowy as hell at Lambeau for the Thursday night game. But according to the weather report, we ain't seen nothing yet. It looks like we'll be denied a good old-fashioned Buffalo snow game, as the NFL decided to relocate Sunday's Bills, Browns game to Detroit.


JARED QUAY: Oh, hey now, it still holds up. The Bills and Browns won't be losing themselves in the snowmageddon that's projected to descend upon Buffalo in the coming days. Because of storm-related safety concerns, they'll be playing inside the nice toasty Ford Field. If I were a Lions fan, I would adopt the Bills as my temporary home team so I can finally see my squad win back to back home games.

The Bills are already scheduled to be in Detroit to face the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

- It's like a two for one, but two for two.

JARED QUAY: Sounds like a win-win to me.

- Have a nice Thanksgiving.

JARED QUAY: The only mystery surrounding baseball's 2022 MVP was in the National League, where Paul Goldschmidt of the Cardinals won the prize.

- Mystery solved!

JARED QUAY: Things are a little more clear-cut in the American League, where, of course, Aaron Judge was named the Most Valuable Player.

- He's done it! Number 61! He and Roger Maris are tied with 61 home runs! 62! Aaron Judge, the AL king!

JARED QUAY: Obviously, surpassing Roger Maris's record of 61 regular season home runs was the standout stat for Judge.

LARRY DAVID: Pretty, pretty good.

JARED QUAY: But his 2022 season was so prolific, that the Yankees posted a nearly 30-second video just listing his stats. I'm not sure my entire adult resume would be 30 seconds long in video format.

- Probably not.

- Yeah.

- No.

JARED QUAY: Although, I have recorded over 1,000 episodes of this year's show, and Judge can't put that on his resume.

- He's got a point.

JARED QUAY: In fact, the internet tells me he's only played in 729 MLB games, so he's got a ways to go to catch up to me. But man, that is a lot of games actually. I'm exhausted thinking about all the hours of boredom.