Timberwolves rejected huge Kevin Durant trade offer from Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are in the process of trying to fulfill the trade request they received from superstar Kevin Durant as they are now looking around the league to see what they can get for one of the game’s all-time elite players.

The Nets will obviously be looking for a huge haul in return for Durant and the asking price might have gone up when one sees what the Utah Jazz received for Rudy Gobert. It is understandable when one considers what kind of player Durant is and what kind of impact he can make on any basketball team.

It appears that the Nets have made a Durant-based trade offer to the Minnesota Timberwolves, per Vincent Goodwill. Brooklyn asked for Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, and four draft picks in return for Durant.

Per Goodwill on “The Posted Up” podcast with Chris Haynes:

Brooklyn came to Minnesota and said ‘We want Karl-Anthony Towns, we want the Ant Man, and we want four draft picks.

That is a lot to ask for Durant and that is why the future Hall of Famer has to seriously consider his options. If the Timberwolves said yes to that deal, then Durant would join a team with just Gobert and D’Angelo Russell as the main pieces along with himself. They would lose a lot of depth and a lot of star power in that move. While they would certainly make the playoffs, a title would be extremely tough.

This is the point Richard Jefferson was making earlier. If Durant gets traded, then the Nets are going to deplete that team of every asset they have, which is what they should do. Durant would then be going to a team that does not have the same talent and therefore, would not be considered true contenders in the league. At this point, trying to make this work with the Nets might be his best option.

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