Tiger Woods nearly annihilates spectators at British Open

Anyone who’s watched pro golf for eight seconds finds their way to the same question: why the hell are those spectators standing so close to that guy hitting a ball? Any time a player has to fire a shot out of a gallery and there are wide-eyed spectators lining a narrow chute back toward the fairway, you’re always a bit amazed that someone isn’t tattooed with a golf ball.

Tiger Woods has faced that conundrum on innumerable occasions, and early Friday morning at the British Open, he’d finally had enough. Instead of trying to route his shot around the gallery at Carnoustie, he decided, hell with it, I’m going right at ’em.

Woods’ second shot on the second hole had drifted into the hay beside the fairway, and he faced the choice of either punching out to the fairway or attempting to clear the precious British heads of the gallery. And, well, it didn’t go so well. Take a look at this photo:

It’s comin’ right for ya! (Getty)
It’s comin’ right for ya! (Getty)

Nobody apparently got injured, and Woods went on to make a bogey on the hole, so we should all be thankful that wasn’t a whole lot worse. Remember, friends, get behind the golfer. A little proximity to your hero isn’t worth a fractured skull.

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