Thrills, Spills and Splashes—Deep Water Soloing Returns With Tuckfest

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Tuck Fest, a deep-water-soloing competition held every year at the US National Whitewater Center near Charlotte, North Carolina, is a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle with, in addition to the DWS comp, features live music, vendors, and competitions of all sorts from trail running to mountain biking, to kayaking and swimming. This past Friday and Saturday, in seasonal temps, 15 men and 14 women raced to the top of the Deep Water Solo Complex with time trial seeding rounds taking place on day one and head-to-head finals on day two for a chance to win a cash prize. This event draws climbers from all over the country with some recognizable climbers like Ben Hanna, Zander Waller, Favia Dubyk, and Olympian Kyra Condie competing this year. But enough chit chat, we’ll let the photos tell the tale.

Tuckfest deep water soloing climbing competition.
The Tuckfest crowd watches in amazement as Ru Stevens (Left) & Addyson Tallent (Right) rally up the wall. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
The women clarifying rules with one of the coordinators. (Climbers pictured left to right: Makaila Parks, Maddy Scroggins, Bella Furze, and Ru Stevens) (Photo: Hansac Ho)
The 1-2 pairing of liquid and dry chalk was the competitor favorite. Kyra Condie has the beta on lock with this. Condie would go on to win the competition.
Awe-inspiring style first; Yealiya Southern cutting feet got the crowd roaring. Southern would go on to place second.
Julia Duffy mantles out of the pool after her second heat of finals. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Kyra Condie dries her shoes with expert water-wicking precision. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Beta visualization is important when you only have two runs during the seeding round. (Climbers pictured left to right: Addyson Tallent, Erin Lamoutte, Hannah Breen, Yealiya Southern, Ru Stevens, and Julia Duffy)
Amanda Smith and Makaila Parks making their run to see who will face off against Julia Duffy in the next round.
Makaila Parks speed climbing up the wall during the time trial seeding round. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Kyra Condie and Yealiya Southern taking the fall together after concluding the final round for the women's event with Kyra taking first place. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Joe Goodacre and Eric Jerome prepare to battle it out for a spot into the semi-finals bracket. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Zander Waller (Right) celebrates as he takes first place against Joe Goodacre (Left) in the Men's Final. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Ben Hanna doing the campus beta on the upper section of the finals wall. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Ross Fulkerson and Ben Hanna giving it their all racing up the wall for 3rd place. (Photo: Hansac Ho)
Lifeguard on duty. Concussions are one of the injuries that can occur with deep water solos. (Photo: Hansac Ho)



  1. Zander Waller
  2. Joe Goodacre
  3. Ben Hanna


  1. Kyra Condie
  2. Yealiya Southern
  3. Julia Duffy

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