Texas and Oklahoma, You REALLY Want The SEC?: 22 Thoughts For 2022, No. 21

22 College Football Thoughts for 2022, No. 21: Texas and Oklahoma are still on track to leave for the SEC in a few years. Is that really a good move?

22 College Football Thoughts For 2022

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22 College Football Thoughts For 2022
22. College football is changing, and it’s okay
20. SEC is really, really good if you like it or not

21. Hey, Texas and Oklahoma, you still want to leave for the SEC, huh?

There’s still time to appeal to your sanity, Texas and Oklahoma.

I know, I know, you want to get out of your Big 12 deal and move into the SEC before 2025, but are you really sure you want to do this? Are you positive you thought this through?

No, really. You do understand that life in the SEC isn’t fun.

Oh, sure, you’re going to make gobs and gobs of money, and the exposure will be amazing, but – last I checked – Alabama isn’t going to quit playing college football.

Georgia doesn’t seem like it’s leaving the SEC any time soon, LSU is LSU, Florida is about to rise back up, Texas A&M appears to be on the verge of something massive, and …

Again, Alabama put out a football schedule. It’s still around.

Are you seeing what’s happening in this conference? Does it look like Texas A&M is having happy happy fun time pushing the rock up the mountain? Seriously, if it stuck around the Big 12, it almost certainly would’ve made a College Football Playoff appearance by now.

How about Ole Miss? The Lane Kiffin thing is great and we all have fun watching that offense, but it still has to play against the rest of the SEC West.

Kentucky has been great … and it’s not exactly dominating the SEC Championship lately.

LSU might have had the greatest team of all-time three years ago. Coach canned.

Florida was this close to getting by Alabama in each of the last two seasons and had an argument for a College Football Playoff spot if it pulled off the 2020 SEC Championship. Coach canned.

If you’re a big-time SEC football program, you … can’t … lose. Ever.

Texas, you think you’ll be “back” after you go to the SEC? Yeah, ask Tennessee how easy it is to return to superpower status.

Most of the current Texas players weren’t alive the last time the program won a national championship – and it’s having a hard time just getting to the Big 12 Championship – but suuuuuure, it’s all going to kick in by moving to the SEC in a few years.

Oklahoma has been outstanding, but it hasn’t won a national title since 2000 and hasn’t played in one since the end of the 2008 season. So it’s going to get over the hump as a member of the SEC?

I don’t care, Texas and Oklahoma. You’re adults. You do what you want, but Texas, if you really wanted to move, you have been, and always will be, a far better fit – at least in terms of school status – with the Big Ten.

Oklahoma, how you didn’t somehow connect with the Pac-12 – and up the overall exposure and profile of the school to all those massive media markets – is beyond me.

Or, stay in the Big 12 and be the anchor tenants of the mall – more on that in a later 22 for 2022 thought.

So for 2022, the Big 12 season is going to be about how much Texas and Oklahoma want to be somewhere else as soon as humanly possible.

Meanwhile, as amazing as those two are, someone needs to get them the memo …

(whispering) The SEC is awesome at college football.

22 College Football Thoughts For 2022
22. College football is changing, and it’s okay
20. SEC is really, really good if you like it or not

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