Texans unveil new H logo on alternate helmets

The Texans have confirmed they'll wear an alternate helmet with a new logo this season.

After a fan posted an image on social media of an alternate Texans helmet with a light blue H logo, the Texans effectively confirmed that the leak was real by posting a picture of owner Cal McNair wearing a hat with the same logo.

The light blue H logo uses a color reminiscent of the blue Houston Oilers uniforms that many Houston fans love — but that the Tennessee Titans, not the Houston Texans, own the rights to. When the Titans wore those Oilers uniforms as throwbacks, many Houston fans were not pleased.

Texans senior vice president of marketing, communications and ticket sales Doug Vosik said the team has been listening to fans about how better to represent the community.

“Fans challenged us back a little bit and they said, 'When I wear Texans gear, I’m repping my city. We love repping the H when it comes to Texans gear. What do y’all think of that, Texans?,'” Vosik said, via the Houston Chronicle. “So, we poked a little bit more and said, 'Do you just want a new H on more hats, hoodies and shirts? ' And some of them challenged us pretty clearly and said, maybe it would be cool if that was somehow on a sleeve or on the back of a jersey or how do you bring that H identity, rep the H, into the uniform? And we took that challenge very seriously when the fans told us that.”

What Houston fans would really love is for the Oilers throwbacks to belong to Houston, not Tennessee. Unfortunately, the franchise that left Houston in 1997 will not allow that to happen.