Texans changing 'direction' with Anderson pick

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed discuss the Houston Texans trading up to pick LB Will Anderson Jr. and how the star defender will change the trajectory of the team.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news, the Houston Texans--

- Damn, we're making moves.

- --basking in the glow of taking their franchise quarterback, CJ Stroud, trading up. The Cardinals trading down. They were able to find a team to do it. So what do you think's gonna happen here?

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- Well, first off, Daniel Jeremiah, we're watching NFL Network. I'm gonna give him props. He obviously knows somebody in Houston. He called this in his mock today. So I guess-- listen, this is where I don't know. Are they gonna go DeMeco Ryan, Tyre Wilson? Or are they gonna go our guy Will Anderson from Alabama?

- All that hangs in the balance is you kissing your rear on the pod. That is all that's at stake.


- Will.

- I'll try. [LAUGHS]

- But honestly--

- I'll try.

- This is-- this is, though-- this is a bold move. It's a bold move.

- Bold, bold move. I can't even believe it. This is unbelievable. I really am, I'm shocked because I'm still in shock that Daniel Jeremiah knew this. So I'm like, oh, man, this guy has the-- he's just-- they're telling him what's going on over here, damn.


- And I mean, I guess you've got to give the Texans a lot of credit because they're dictating what they want in this draft right from the get go.

- They got assets. They're not messing around. They're obviously got two players on their board. They sent out false signals on the CJ Stroud, obviously. I-- were they they ones that released the test score?

- I mean, they're Patriots guys at the end of the day, right?

- I know.

- Would you really put it past them?

- No, I wouldn't.

- No, OK.

- But I know they wouldn't have done that. But either way, this is-- this is-- a lot of credit to them for making the aggressive move, trying to change the direction of their organization.


- All right, we're seeing the wide shot of them in Kansas City, who are all decked out. Great job, Kansas City.

- Way to go, KC.

- Just had a parade a few months ago.

- I was just there for the playoff game.

- That's right.

- I was eating barbecue food just on the other side of this building here.

- Joe's Barbecue?

- Yeah, it wasn't Joe's. It was another good place. It was really good. Casey, you weren't there. You weren't there. No, you weren't there.

- Roger Goodell coming out. Slow gait.

- I have no idea.

- The boos raining down.

- I'm hoping it's Tyre for the Houston Texans but it-- Will Anderson it could be.


- They select-- and it will be--

Will, Alabama.

- [CHUCKLES] Oh, man.

- It's happening.

- Oh, it happened. All right, I will be stretching out for the next five.

- You know what? No one wants it. And if anyone gives you a hard time for not doing it, well, F that. No one wants to see that.

- Well, I don't know if I really can. You know, that's-- we're gonna have to see.

- All right, so what do you think?

- Man, I'm-- listen, he is-- see, this is part of what I thought might happen. Caserio being a New England guy. He does everything right. He's a culture. He's a like-- he's that kind of guy. I thought this might happen. This is what we talked about on the pod a little bit, right?


Two New England guys did business here. Monti Ossenfort, who when I was in New England was working there. And now Nick Caserio, who was basically my main boss in one department. Other than the big boss. We know that. They did a deal here to make a trade.

And yeah, there's something about this guy as a person that I understand is special. I really like the player. I just feel like it's been a little overhyped. I hope he proves me wrong because I never root against a guy. That's for sure.