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A few weeks ago there were unconfirmed reports that Rafael Nadal's $525,000 watch had been stolen during the Rogers Cup tournament in Toronto, but there was never any official confirmation from Nadal that the timepiece had indeed been taken. During a visit to the ESPN announcing booth on Wednesday, the world No. 1 indirectly admitted that his custom-built Richard Mille watch was stolen.

Chris Fowler asked Nadal whether he was taking care of his new watch and Nadal, as is his fashion, bashfully responded that he's going to keep it on his wrist this time. This summer, he explained, he didn't wear the watch on the court and the decision proved to be unlucky. "No winner," he said, referring to his winless American hard-court season.

Nadal began wearing the half-million dollar watch at the French Open. Reports say it was taken during a night match in Toronto, but are unspecific about which one. Police say other players are not suspected.

It would be hard to sell Nadal's timepiece without drawing attention to the theft. Only 50 of the RM 027 Tourbillons were made.

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Busted Racquet

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