Sutton's predictions: Man City v Man Utd

Sutton's predictions graphic

The 143rd FA Cup final is the second in a row to be an all-Manchester affair, but will it be holders City or 12-time winners United who get to lift the famous trophy at Wembley this weekend?

We asked BBC Sport's football expert Chris Sutton for his prediction, as well as some famous fans of both teams.

Sutton's prediction: 3-1

If City lose, it would be one of the biggest FA Cup shocks ever, and yet it is the mighty Manchester United who are trying to cause it.

I know that sounds ridiculous, and you can call me an idiot if you like, I don't mind... but if you think about what City are like in these situations, it would be a huge shock, wouldn't it?

We know their mindset and we have seen how they keep winning when they are on the home straight in the Premier League title race. This is exactly the same.

What makes it exciting is that it is a one-off game and a derby. Everyone talks about the magic of the FA Cup in scenarios like this but, when you strip everything back, the bottom line is that there can only be one winner.

Blossoms frontman Tom Ogden: 2-0

City will win. Just from seeing the momentum the team have gathered during this final few weeks of the season, and also with the disappointment of the Champions League exit, they will be wanting to be the first team to do the league and FA Cup Double for the second time in a row.

Blitz Vega guitarist Kav: 2-3

It's so hard to look past City. They're an incredible team who always seem to deliver. They're winners; exceptional players with a winning focus that has been instilled in them by one of the greatest managers in history.

This is the FA Cup, though, and if these United players have any pride - even if it's just because they're fighting to get a move somewhere else - they have the potential to get the win. My head says City, but I'll go with my heart!

Better Joy's Bria Keely: 3-1

Silly question, really - obviously City will win. We're too good under pressure.