Steve Belichick on Bill Belichick: I think he's good, pursuing some other stuff

Bill Belichick will not be coaching in the NFL for the first time since the 1974 season and his son Steve shared a bit about what his father will be doing instead this week.

The younger Belichick, who is now the defensive coordinator at the University of Washington, joined former Patriots defensive end Chris Long on Long's Green Light podcast and his father was one of the topics of conversation. Long asked Belichick if his father was doing well after parting ways with the Patriots and failing to land another head coaching position.

Belichick said his father is moving forward and joked about the possibility of regular podcast appearances while suggesting the six-time Super Bowl winner in New England could wind up in the media.

“I think he’s good," Belichick said. "Let the stuff roll off your back and move forward. He doesn’t dwell, unless we lost a game and he needs to get on some guys. Eventually you need to turn the page. Honestly I wasn’t too involved in any of that stuff, he did his thing, I did my thing and that was kind of that. He’s definitely pursuing some other stuff, whether it’s TV or hopefully a regular on the Green Light or whatever it may be."

Belichick also said that his father is still devoted to the game and said that a visit to the Huskies is likely to be on the schedule as well.

“His hobbies would still be to, let’s say, critique football,” Belichick said. “So you know he was excited when I came out here because he got to evaluate the scheme last year, evaluate the players last year. I’m sure he’ll come out here at some point to do some stuff. The guy just loves football, so there’s definitely that element.”

While the specifics remain unclear, the elder Belichick will continue to be around the game in some fashion in 2024.