Stephen A. Smith slams Nets for ‘disgraceful’ loss to 76ers

Stephen A. Smith slams Nets for ‘disgraceful’ loss to 76ers

The Brooklyn Nets were heavily favored on the road Tuesday night against an injury-ravaged Philadelphia 76ers team, but the Nets were thoroughly outplayed and outworked by an inferior lineup, leading to a 115-106 loss.

Ben Simmons had one of his best performances of the season thus far, but it wasn’t enough to buoy the Nets, as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant combined for just 43 points.

Stephen A. Smith unloaded on the Nets the following morning, calling the performance “disgraceful.”

“It was the worst loss by an NBA team this season. It was one of the most disgraceful performances I’ve ever seen from any NBA team.

The Brooklyn Nets should be ashamed of themselves, and I’m going to start with Kevin Durant. How the hell you take 14 shots? How the hell do you take 14 shots. You’re KD, man. This is Kevin Durant. This man could average 30 in his sleep. 

There is no Joel Embiid. There is no James Harden. There is no Tyrese Maxey… and y’all get beat by that team? Get smoked the way that you did? It was a disgraceful performance, incredibly embarrassing.”


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire