Stephen Jackson offers to slap reporter who asked if Kobe Bryant could handle BIG3 play

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Stephen Jackson is well aware of what Kobe Bryant can do on a basketball court. (Getty Images)
Stephen Jackson is well aware of what Kobe Bryant can do on a basketball court. (Getty Images)

Stephen Jackson probably could have just said “yes,” but leaving it at that might still have been disrespectful to Kobe Bryant.

After Jackson’s Killer 3s team finished up its BIG3 season with a 51-44 win over 3’s Company, 40-year-old guard and his teammate Alan Anderson took part in a press conference and received a whopper of a question:

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“Do you think Kobe Bryant could handle this league with it being more physical inside?”

Both players’ reactions were priceless.

Both players’ faces changed to disbelief as soon as they realized what they were being asked, followed by Anderson throwing out a “For sure,” while Jackson rose to his feet and started to hold court.

“Kobe can play in any league. Any league,” Jackson said. “Kobe, right now, listen. You listening? Want me to slap him for you? Can you please come to this league? We need you.”

After the reporter clarified his question, Jackson delivered a firm answer and continued to lobby for Bryant to give BIG3 a try.

“This is one of the best scorers of all time,” Jackson said. “You think he wasn’t getting knocked down in the league? Yes, please come Kobe and yes, Kobe would be dominant just as he was in the league in this. I truly believe it.”

BIG3 founder Ice Cube has reportedly been pushing Bryant to give BIG3 play for obvious reasons. Even a 39-year-old Kobe Bryant would be by far the best player to touch a BIG3 court in the league’s history. And if Bryant decides he wants to prove it, the BIG3 organizer might have Jackson and one incredible question to thank for it.

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