Steph, Ayesha Curry Planned the Birth of their Fourth Child Around This Huge Sport Event

Photo: Miikka Skaffari (Getty Images)
Photo: Miikka Skaffari (Getty Images)

For some couples, adding a new child to the family can be a fun surprise. For others, it requires detailed planning. Then there’s Stephen and Ayesha Curry, who redefined the term “family planning.”

The NBA superstar was recently announced as a member of Team USA’s men’s basketball roster for the Paris Olympics. However, it appears the couple was ready for his trip to the City of Lights, because they planned the birth of their fourth child around the Games.

“We thought about it ahead of time, which was nice,” Steph told Associated Press. “If the timing didn’t work at a certain month in the fall, we actually would have made a different decision knowing the Olympics were on the radar. So, thankfully, the Lord looked out for us and if everything goes to plan, I’ll be available this summer.”

The Currys have three young children, with their fourth child due in June. The Paris Olympics are scheduled to take place July 26 through August 11. This means that Ayesha will be at home with three kids and a newborn while Steph heads off to France. Even with lots of extra help, that’s still going to be a chaotic month for her. He better come home with a gold medal!

The Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals appearances kept him from going to the 2016 Rio Olympics, while the pandemic kept him out of the delayed 2021 Tokyo Games. The four-time NBA champion has been waiting a long time to make his Olympic debut.

“I wanted to play in the last two that I was eligible for,” the 10-time NBA All-Star said. “Watching guys that I’ve been competing against the last 10 years all have that experience win gold medals, watching three of my teammates (Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green) win gold medals, I knew I wanted to do that.”

When Steph rains down 3-pointers in Paris, he will join teammates: LeBron James; Kevin Durant; Bam Adebayo; Devin Booker; Joel Embiid; Tyrese Haliburton; Jrue Holiday; Kawhi Leonard; Jayson Tatum; Anthony Davis; and Anthony Edwards.

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