Should Mike Vrabel have challenged pass interference call late in loss to Chiefs?

It’s not an NFL playoff game without a smidge of pass interference controversy.

Tennessee Titans fans ginned some up on Twitter late in Sunday’s AFC championship loss to the Kansas City Chiefs when a fourth-quarter call didn’t go their way.

The play in question occurred with the Titans in desperation mode, trailing by the final margin of 35-24 with 3:59 remaining.

Chiefs draw PI on deep pass

The Chiefs faced third and 10 and their own 19-yard line when Patrick Mahomes heaved a deep downfield pass to Mecole Hardman. It was a low-risk gamble with the upside of a completion or a pass interference penalty and the downside amounting to an arm-punt interception.

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The upside hit for the Chiefs, as Tramaine Brock drew a 41-yard pass interference penalty for running through Hardman before the ball arrived, giving Kansas City a first down in Titans territory.

Titans fans upset

Titans Twitter was upset and made arguments that Brock didn’t interfere with some pointing to Brock turning his head around at the last minute to defend the pass.

But Brock clearly ran through Hardman without making a play on the ball long before he realized the pass had arrived and turned his head around. Sorry Titans fans. That’s PI.

Sorry, Titans fans. This was pass interference. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
Sorry, Titans fans. This was pass interference. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Should Vrabel have challenged?

Some argued that head coach Mike Vrabel should have challenged the call. And maybe he should have. It had almost zero chance of getting overturned via replay review. But the Titans had almost zero chance of winning the game without the call being overturned, so it was probably worth a desperation shot.

Regardless, don’t listen to any Titans fans who tell you this call was a difference maker in a convincing Chiefs victory.

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