Shannon Sharpe on his Katt Williams interview & Skip Bayless vs. Stephen A. Smith

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz is joined by the Pro Football Hall of Famer on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVIII to discuss his viral interview with Katt Williams, working with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, and so much more. Shannon Sharpe joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Oikos Yogurt.

Video Transcript


- Shannon sharp joining us on behalf of Oikos yogurt. We'll get to that in just a second.

- Yup.

- We're going to play What's in the Cards?

- OK.

- All right. This is a simple concept. Higher or lower. I'm going to flip a card over, you're going to tell me is the next one higher or lower. If you get it right, you get an easy question. If you get it wrong, you get a hard question.

- OK.

- Are you ready?

- Yep.

- All right. First card out of the gate, nine. So we're going high. That's a tough one, man.

- Yeah, it is. Because that's right in between because we got 10 all the way to an ace. I'm going to say higher.

- Oh, that's a bold choice. Bold-- oh, it's a-- he gets another shot at it. This is the card gods because it was a 9 again. The card gods say, man, we want to tempt you a little bit more. Let's go.

- I go higher again.

- He goes higher again. He's-- six, it is lower. That means I get to ask you a tough question.

- OK.

- Start with Katt Williams.

- Yes.

- That interview was absolutely incredible. It's gone viral. At what point during that interview did you realize that you were sitting on something special?

- I didn't realize it until I got up and I walked back, and I looked at my producer, CJ, and he's shaking his head. So I'm thinking, either Kat said something during the interview that was bad, or I said something, or I misspoke during the interview. So we were hoping for 10 to 15 million views. 10 to 15 million views, digitally. That's a grand slam. That's a perfect game. That-- whatever you want to call it.

Whatever sports analogy you want to use, that's great. That's what 10 to 15 million views is. What I found out, a lot of people have platforms and the problem that they run into, is that they want to hear their voice and not the guest voice. And when you come on "Club Shay Shay," the audience is going to hear your voice.

- That's amazing. I've got no follow up to that. Let's just-- speak it in your voice. You want to go higher or lower?

- Oh, I'm going higher than that.

- He's going higher than [INAUDIBLE].

- Man, that's some bull-- that's rigged. That's some bull jive, man.

- I'm just saying. All right. Tough question. OK. Better co-host, Skip or Steven A?

- Ooh. Do you know what? The thing is that they're very different. Skip and I would mainly debate. Steven A and I have been more conversation. We have more people around. Because you got to realize, there are very few times that Skip and I had someone else on the topic. It was just mainly he and I. You got his point or you got my point.

So it's-- I'm anxious because we're about to get out of football and Steven A. about to have some debates. It's hard to beat old Bayless in that debate format. He's the godfather. He created this format. So I got to give him his love.

- I don't even know. If you beat Steven A. in anything, he won't--

- Oh, believe it.

- --admit it. He won't admit it.

- No, see, what I do is I beat him so bad, you ain't got no choice but to admit it. Even if you don't, the people at home know who won.

- Higher or lower? Where are we going?

- Oh, I'm definitely going higher than that. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

- All right. So 1997--

- Yes.

- You're the most famous tight end in the NFL. What celeb you dating? Who's your Taylor Swift? You were Travis Kelce, so who's your Taylor Swift? Got to be in '97 though. Now we're not talking about today.

- Hell, I couldn't tell you who was popping back in '97.

- I mean--

- You know what? I would probably taken Regina Hall.

JASON FITZ: Oh, yeah?

SHANNON SHARPE: Nah, hold on. Yeah. You know what? Nah, nah, nah. Yeah, nah. How old was Aliyah in '97? Was she was she of age? Was a Aliyah of age in '97? No? No.

JASON FITZ: We're just going to err on the side of caution and say no.

SHANNON SHARPE: Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson. Me and Janet would have been boo'd up. She'd would have been at all the games.

- So you're joining us on behalf of Oikos. I've got to ask the most important question. How much Oikos do I need to eat to look like you?

- They don't put that much protein in it. They only max out at 20 grams of protein in the cup.

- That's a lot.

- So nah, that ain't-- that ain't-- that ain't going to happen.

JASON FITZ: Tell us what you're doing with them.

SHANNON SHARPE: Martin Lawrence and I have a spot in the big game. I want to thank Oikos for giving me the opportunity. I do understand that they could have had any athlete, ex athlete, celeb, entertainer, influencer, and they chose me. And then once I found out Martin was in it, I was super duper excited, knowing who he is, the stand up comedian, the great comedian of his generation, any generation, the Martin Lawrence Show, the a-list celebrity.

And here I am in a spot with him, a small kid from Glennville, Georgia, that's going to have a commercial that's going to be witnessed by 50 or 60 million people. I wouldn't have believed that, but I want to thank Oikos also because they've partnered with the HBCUs. They believe that resources and funding should not be a reason why people can't get quality nutrition. And so I want to thank them for that.