Is Marcus Semien worth a first or second round pick?

Scott Pianowski and D.J. Short dive into Marcus Semien's fantasy value heading into the 2023 season, explaining why the Rangers' 2B value may be at its highest.

Video Transcript

- I'm between Aaron Nola-- I said I wanted to take a picture every three rounds-- and Marcus Semien. And I'm going to go against my directive of addressing pitching. I'm not going to be proactive. I'm going to take Semien qualifies at second and shortstop.

And after he got acclimated in Texas, if you take away those first five or six weeks when he couldn't do anything right, he was a first round player. He's going to be, I think, a five category player this year. He will start to fill the stolen base category. My first two guys don't do that. Marcus Semien is going to be a first or second round value, and you're going to get him in the third round of a lot of leagues. I want you to snap that up.

- Yeah, I think that's a good call. And I'm jealous because I was eyeing Semi. And I didn't think he would actually make it to me, but I like that eligibility, too. And, again, we get into that Yahoo eligibility, which is a bit more generous than some other sites and, really, gives you a totally different dynamic for how to construct your roster.

- We're going to clip off Scott where early on you said, I want to take a picture probably every round from here on out. And then just cut to your team at this point. How quickly things can change.

- Right. It just means I've got to have to take a starting pitcher probably in the next couple of rounds. Maybe two of my next three picks will be pitchers. Now, thankfully, there's probably 8 or 10 guys who are all very similarly priced who will make sense in the fourth round. I think this is probably the latest you can push it.

I wouldn't want to get any further than this where, you know, go to-- and most extreme strategies, I think, are a mistake. I think you want to have a balanced strategy. So my team is out of balance right now, but you can't have everything. If I had taken Aaron Nola there, I wouldn't have any stolen bases. You know, you're going to have a belly somewhere. I think starting pitching is something you could still attack, even if you don't get one in the top three rounds. But I think in a lot of leagues, I will have a pitcher in the top three rounds, just not in this mock draft.