Seahawks gave Richardson serious 'consideration'

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss what the scene would’ve been like for Anthony Richardson if he had been available at No. 5 in the 2023 NFL Draft and the Seahawks had picked him up.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: Anthony Richardson was under consideration by the Seattle Seahawks. I'm always a little-- I always get a little, like, there's a little element of tampering when after a draft teams talk about other guys they thought about drafting. There's a little bit there.

I remember when Urban Meyer did it a couple of years ago talking about how they wanted Kadarius Toney so badly, and they almost kind of settled for Travis Etienne. But Pete Carroll acknowledged that they gave serious consideration to Anthony Richardson at five. Of course, he was gone at number four.

But so, you know, it doesn't surprise me he acknowledged it because I had heard there were people in the league, Chris, that thought they were going to take him if he was there at five. Wouldn't that have been, for what a lightning bolt it was for the Colts, that would have been an "oh crap" moment if the Seahawks had taken him.

CHRIS SIMMS: It definitely would have been. I mean, that had been interesting. That had been some interesting drama there. You know, and it's one where, yeah, I heard some of those rumors too. I was always like, man, would they really want to do that? They just got out of the Russell Wilson thing, all of that.

Now, all you're going to have is the quarterback conversation take over your team once again. But yeah, it sounds like there was legitimate interest there, you know. And you know, I don't-- I think he landed in the perfect situation. I will say that.

My big thing with Anthony Richardson, like we said yesterday, he's got to play. And with Indianapolis, he can play right now. In Seattle, I don't think he plays. And I don't think that would necessarily would have been the best route for him going forward.