Santander a sneaky solid OF option rest of season

Chris Crawford explains why Anthony Santander could be a quality fantasy option for the rest of the year after looking at his advanced metrics.

Video Transcript

- You wouldn't know it unless you looked. But one of the best hitters in baseball, as of late, has been Anthony Santander. Santander went 3 for 4 in two of their three games against the Reds to end July, while homering twice. And he ended the month of July with a [INAUDIBLE] of .316, .369, .547, with five homers for the surprising Orioles. It's a marked improvement from the previous few months, where he failed to post an .800 OPS in any of them.

So what is reasonable to expect from the former Rule 5 Draft pick going forward? Maybe not quite .947 OPS good, but the advanced stats suggest he can be a quality fantasy option for the rest of the year. His expected weighted on-base average of .346 is in the 80th percentile of all qualified players. And he's in the top quarter of hitters in expected slugging percentage, as well.

The only thing Santander isn't good at is defense. And while that's a long-term concern for the 27-year-old, it won't keep him from being in the lineup every day. Again, Santander isn't quite as good as he was in July, but he was due for some good luck. And if he's still available in your fantasy league, he's absolutely worth a roster spot.