Ryan Nielsen: We'll evaluate everything Travon Walker does and put him in position to succeed

Jaguars defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen said at a press conference this week that he's hopeful things work out on the contract front with Josh Allen because he's excited to work with the edge rusher.

Whether things with Allen work out or not, Nielsen will be coaching linebacker Travon Walker in 2024. The first overall pick of the 2022 NFL Draft posted 52 tackles, 10 sacks and 19 quarterback hits during his second season. That was a big jump from his rookie year, which saw Walker have to transition to playing without his hand in the ground and Nielsen said Walker's role will continue to be based on what he does best.

"We're going to put the player in a position that he can have success first, over the scheme . . . We're going to evaluate everything that he does well, then if he can rush inside, we'll put him inside," Nielsen said, via the team's website. "If he's a better outside rusher, we'll keep him outside."

Walker and Allen combined for 27.5 sacks last season and getting a repeat of that kind of production would make Nielsen's job easier in his first season with the Jaguars.