Ryan Blaney's Las Vegas car needs an intervention

Nick Bromberg
Ryan Blaney’s Las Vegas car is hideous. (Getty)
Ryan Blaney’s Las Vegas car is hideous. (Getty)

Who thought this car was a good idea.

Sunday’s race at Las Vegas is the Pennzoil 400, so it makes sense that Pennzoil is expanding its Team Penske sponsorship to Ryan Blaney’s car. But why does it have to look like it does?

Look at this mishmash of colors. The swirl would be tolerable if it wasn’t going from yellow at the front to gray and then to white. And the fluorescent wheels and number. Plus the neon spoiler that looks like it’s a different shade from the number and wheels.

Make the madness stop. If someone comes up with an uglier car in 2018, we’ll be impressed.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.