Are Russell Wilson, Steelers a fit?

Last month, Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the Steelers aren’t interested in a veteran quarterback with starting aspirations. Yesterday, Dulac reported that the Steelers and veteran quarterback Russell Wilson will meet.

What happened?

Something changed, obviously. As recently as last week, the Steelers seemed to be committed to creating a competition between Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph. Now, they're talking to Wilson?

From Wilson's perspective, there's no harm in hearing what the Steelers have to say. It keeps his name in the news at a time when other teams are finalizing their plans. It's still hard to imagine Wilson taking a job in Pittsburgh, or Pittsburgh offering him the job, if he truly wants to start.

On one hand, he arguably should embrace the competition. On the other hand, the competition could be rigged — a bit — by the fact that a tie or anything close to one will go to the 2022 first-round pick whom the Steelers surely hope to see flourish.

If Wilson is going to take only $1.21 million for 2024 and stick the Broncos with the balance of his $39 million compensation package, he'll want to play. He'll want to go to a place where it's clear that he'll play. In Pittsburgh, that won't be clear.

Then again, where will it be? Only Minnesota, if Kirk Cousins leaves, could give Wilson a reliable commitment that he'd be the guy from Week 1 through Week 18.

For now, there's no harm in talking to the Steelers. Also, don't overlook the possibility that the Steelers are talking to Wilson in order to get Rudolph (who is due to be a free agent next week) to accept whatever the Steelers have offered.

Wilson took a potentially massive blow to his image in Denver. He won't rebuild his reputation by not playing. His motivation for 2024 will be to pick a team that lets him play and gives him a chance to play well.

Whether such a spot will be available for him remains to be seen.