The Rush: Wizards cast spell on Nets, make magic in final seconds for the win

The Washington Wizards scored 7 points in 6 seconds to beat the Brooklyn Nets 149-146 for the second time this season, Snoop Dogg threw a key interception in the NFL Pro Bowl: Madden 21 Edition, and the blockbuster trade that saw Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff change teams has the sports world wondering about what Deshaun Watson is worth. According to Forbes, the NBA’s top earner in 2021 will be LeBron James while Lionel Messi is suing the Spanish paper El Mundo for reporting the eye-popping details of his contract with Barcelona. PLUS: Sean McVay hates to work on the first night of the NFL Draft, Jared gives his Super Bowl LV prediction, and when converting the Euro to U.S. Dollars, remember that one Messi equals three LeBrons.

Video Transcript

- Beal will pull up for 3. He hits it.

- Good hit.

- 35 for Beal. Two-point game. Matthews with a steal! Here's Westbrook for 3! He hits it! Wizards up by one!


JARED QUAY: The Wizards are the worst team in the NBA. But for some reason when they play the Nets, they're money in the bank. I'm talking six points in seven seconds money. I didn't even know that was possible. I mean, it takes at least half a second to get through the net. That's impressive.

- Wow.

- Unbelievable!

JARED QUAY: Later, we'll let you know what the world's best athletes have in their banks. But first, the big game.


- There he goes.

- Oh, hell no!

- Yes, sir.

- He caught it.

- Oh, no.

- Yes, sir.

- Oh, dang.

- Yes, sir.

- Wow.

JARED QUAY: Actually, that's just the virtual Pro Bowl, which the NFC won. But honestly, does it get any bigger than Beast Mode picking off Snoop Dogg? I never thought I'd say that line in my life, but here we are.

- Whoa!


- I see him!


- Yeah!

JARED QUAY: Still, we got to talk about the other big game. You know the one I'm talking about. The NFL playoffs are in full swing, and we're hitting the road to the championship with the all-new 2021 Ford F-150. In the Super Bowl, the Chiefs and Bucs are going to show us some real grit and guts in their pursuit of progress.

My prediction-- the reigning champion Chiefs will tough it out against Tom Brady and the Bucs. I'm calling the victory, baby. Because no big man in the league has the grit of Travis Kelce.

This postseason he leads all players in catches and touchdown receptions as a tight end? Doesn't hurt he has the gutsiest QB in the NFL either. Patrick Mahomes threw two interceptions in the second half in last year's Super Bowl and shook it off for the comeback of the ages.

Yeah, Tom Brady may be the GOAT, but I'm not going to guess the speed, footwork, accuracy, or sheer grit of Pat Mahomes. Pat Mahomes is like the Ford F-150 to NFL. We'll see if the Chiefs have the grit and guts to keep their championship hopes alive as they take on the Bucs in the Super Bowl. We'll be keeping tabs on their pursuit of progress here on "The Rush."

This season isn't over, but a bunch of QBs are already on the move. On Saturday, the Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Rams for Jared Goff. The Lions got a young quarterback with plenty of controllable years that they can waste.

- I don't waste not, want not.

JARED QUAY: And for the Rams, they can now officially declare the first night of the NFL Draft a company holiday because they ain't going to have no work to do. They're going to be watching. But the biggest loser? Whatever GMs about to trade for Deshaun Watson. If Matt Stafford went for two first rounds, a third round, and a Goff, just imagine what somebody's going to have to fork out for Deshaun Watson.

- I don't even want to think about it.

JARED QUAY: Probably not as much as LeBron James. According to "Forbes," LeBron James is the NBA's top earner in 2021. When you add salary and endorsements, LeBron's going to pull in $95.4 million in a year. But still, all that's nothing compared to Lionel Messi.

He's suing the paper "El Mundo" for releasing the details of his Barcelona contract. It's allegedly worth $555 million euros. Now if you're wondering about the conversion rate in America, that equals out to about a lot of damn money, all right! It's more money than we need.

I only have one question. Why do you want to keep this a secret, Lionel? Yo, I get it. That's why you want to keep it secret. You want to be Batman.

You want to be doing things and fighting crime and no one knows it's you because they have to be that rich. And so that's why the newspapers broke it. You're like, yo, you hating on me. I'm trying to stop crime.