The Rush: Titans trade A.J. Brown to Eagles on Draft Night, a landing worth $100M

Sin City’s first-ever NFL Draft brought huge crowds, boo birds, a strong fashion game and high drama as the Titans traded A.J. Brown to the Eagles, and only one quarterback was selected in the first round as the Steelers grabbed Kenny Pickett with the 20th overall pick. In the NBA, Chris Paul made history en route to the Suns advancing to the second round of the Playoffs, while the 76ers and Mavericks both won their respective elimination games to advance. Plus, the Jazz’s loss to the Mavericks added insult to injury to Utah big man Rudy Gobert, who was hurt earlier in the day in the most unique way.

Video Transcript

- The first pick in the 2022 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Travon Walker.

- There you go. This is a wonderful moment for him and the Jaguars select the Georgia Bulldog.

- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said 100,000 people descended on Las Vegas for Sin City's first ever NFL draft.

- What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

- Not on draft night it don't. With the number one overall pick in the 2022 draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected defensive end Travon Walker. In certain ways, this year's draft was like every other draft. Roger Goodell was booed mercilessly. The drip was on point. Picks and active players were traded, including a blockbuster with Titans receiver AJ Brown to the Eagles. And folks are finding new and creative ways to express their fandom.

But not everything we saw on draft night felt familiar, like this incredible sea of fans standing outside Vegas heat just to watch dudes shaking hands on stage from a mile away. And check this out. Here's your Top 10 picks. Notice anything strange?

- I hate rookie quarterbacks. They're stupid and they're scared.

- Yo, NFL front offices took the steam from draft day a bit too literal as the first quarterback didn't come off the board until the 20th pick when the Steelers took Kinney Pickett out of University of Pittsburgh. Offense wasn't top of mind at day one of the NFL draft. But over in the NBA, it was a different story. Old ass man Chris Paul made history in game 6 of the Suns Pelicans series with the most consecutive field goals made in an NBA playoff game shooting 14 from 14 from the field.


- Not only was his performance impressive for a 37-year-old, but with the help of his teammate Devin Booker who returned from injury, the one thing the Suns survived a nail biter and move on to round two of the playoffs after eliminating the Pelicans. In another game 6, the 76ers eliminated the Raptors with a huge win in Toronto. I mean, they scored points like it was easy.


- Embiid.

- Oh.

- Joel Embiid soaring back.

- Thursday was a clean sweep as far as elimination games go with the Mavericks sending the Jazz to the off season winning the Series 4 games to two. Yep, everybody going to Cancun on the same flight.

- Assist made, but Lucas says, when I can do this, sometimes you don't need an assist.

- A few hours before the game tipped off, Utah's Rudy Gobert, in what might have been a bad omen, was stung in the face by a bee. Talk about adding insult to injury. Am I right? [LAUGHS] Big man is a beekeeper and was replacing the queen in his hive when he was stung. Listen, Rudy, if you come for the queen, you better not miss. Everybody knows this, man. How are you going to be missing free throws and missing when you're going for the queen? Man, your team needs you and they need both eyes.