The Rush: Red Sox slay the Yankees in AL Wildcard showdown

The Red Sox are moving on to face the Rays in the ALDS after beating the Yankees badly in the AL Wildcard game, Nets head coach Steve Nash addresses the problematic situation posed by unvaccinated star guard Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons is being fined big bucks, the Cowboys owe linebacker Jaylon Smith major coin after cutting him and Bump ‘n Grind-gate worsens in Jacksonville as Jags players publicly bash Urban Meyer.

Video Transcript


- 2-1 pitch. Bogaerts sends a drive to center field and deep. Gardner turns around and watches it fly.

JARED QUAY: The Red Sox didn't appreciate being home field underdogs heading into AL wild card game, and they took that rage out on the Yankees.

- Sure did.

JARED QUAY: Boston played great, don't get me wrong, but New York beat themselves. Ace Gerrit Cole collapsed early, giving up 3 runs, and was pulled with two men on, zero outs in the third. And with base running like this--

- Judge streaking around third. The throw to the plate is in time to get him! Perfect execution by the Red Sox!

JARED QUAY: --the postseason really ain't the place for you. So the Red Sox will face the Rays in the AL DS, and the Yankees are headed home to the city to start their off season.

There's another New York athlete we won't be seeing for a hot minute.

- I get buckets.

JARED QUAY: Kyrie Irving ain't getting buckets at Nets practice any time soon because he's unvaccinated and non-compliant with NYC's public health regulations. Yesterday, Nets coach, Steve Nash, was asked if he considered moving practice locations so Kyrie could join the team, and he was basically, like--

- Hell [BEEP] no.

JARED QUAY: OK, Nash is a little more diplomatic than Diddy, saying, quote, this is where we're going to practice, we have almost a whole group, end quote. Just like Kyrie, Andrew Wiggins has some misguided, plain old wrong views about the COVID 19 vaccine. But when Wiggins realized he was going to miss out on some paychecks, he got that jab and was like--

- Pay me my money. [LAUGHS]

JARED QUAY: Speaking of money, Ben Simmons is $360,000 lighter in the pocket after being fined by the Sixers for failing to show up to camp.

And the Cowboys just cut linebacker, Jalen Smith. Not to worry, though, Jalen isn't going home empty-handed. Dallas owes him a cool $7 million on his way out the door.

- Check, please.

JARED QUAY: Ha ha, you ain't going to cut somebody for $7 million. Now you going to have to sweep up this locker room if you chose $7 million. I ain't just giving out money.

You know how they say money can't buy happiness? Well, usually I think that's bull-- [BEEP]. But, if you ask Irvin Mayer right now, he'd probably agree with that idiom. Dude's first year as an NFL head coach came with mo money, mo problems, largely by his own making. An unnamed Jaguars player told Mike Silver how Myers is totally lost in the locker room right after bumping-grinding. We made that up.

- Nice.

JARED QUAY: Listen, being winless in your first NFL season sucks. Maybe doing the barstool boogie with the little cutie is how Irvin handles his stress. Look, the players is out there playing and losing those games, maybe you shouldn't judge his coping mechanism since you're both 0-4. Hey, maybe you should try what he's doing and see if it works. I mean, he was winning in college, but this NFL thing must be different.