The Rush: Are Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant ever getting back together?

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America’s Team has fallen on hard times. The Dallas Cowboys are 2-3 and they have the 29th ranked passing offense. But is Dak Prescott to blame? Jerry Jones thinks the answer to that is no. In a radio interview yesterday the Cowboys owner said it had been years since the team had a #1 wide receiver. But that’s news to the Cowboys former #1 wide receiver Dez Bryant. He’s been lobbying his former team for another job all summer. And he even took Jerry’s insult in stride, tweeting out that “Jerry is right”. Is this a case of missed sarcasm because of the written word? Or is Dez so desperate to rejoin the Cowboys that he’s willing to overlook an obvious slight from his would-be boss?

The Red Sox finished off the Yankees in the Bronx yesterday. After humiliating the Yankees 16-1 on Monday, they finished the job with a win in Game 4. The Sox move on to play the world champion Astros in the ALCS. For the Yankees, they’re left to pick up the pieces and come to further grips with the reality that since Game 7 of the ALCS in 2004, this is the Red Sox world, and the Yankees are just visiting it.

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