Roundtable: The Auburn Wire staff shares their takeaways from the 2024 SEC football schedule release

After months of speculation, the SEC schedule has been released.

Auburn has learned its 2024 opponents. The Tigers will welcome Oklahoma to Jordan-Hare Stadium in the Sooners’ initial season in the conference. Auburn will play its two biggest rivals, Alabama and Georgia, as well.

One of the biggest surprises of Auburn’s schedule is the absence of LSU. Auburn and LSU have played every season since 1992, and have played 57 total times. However, with the SEC getting rid of divisional play beginning in 2024, LSU’s presence will soon fade away.

Following the announcement of the 2024 SEC schedule, the guys at Auburn Wire shared their thoughts on Auburn’s draw. Here’s what Taylor Jones, JD McCarthy and Daniel Locke have to say about the 2024 SEC schedule release.

Welcoming the new guy

Auburn will welcome Oklahoma to Jordan-Hare Stadium in 2024. How are you feeling about that draw?

  • TJ: I was hoping to see Texas first since Auburn has not seen it  since the early 90s, but hosting Oklahoma will be a great home game, and it will be a solid measuring stick of how much Auburn has improved under Hugh Freeze.

  • JM: I think having Oklahoma or Texas play every current member of the SEC is one of the best things about the schedule. I predicted Auburn to host Texas, but getting Oklahoma is a great draw and Jordan-Hare Stadium should be absolutely electric for the game.

  • DL: I love the draw. We will get to take on one of the newcomers at home and give them a proper SEC welcome.

See ya later, Gator?

Each of us put Florida on our wishlist, but we didn’t get it. How long do you think it will be before Auburn plays Florida again?

  • TJ: What a shame. Florida has not played at Jordan-Hare Stadium since 2011, that should never happen in the SEC. Maybe a shift to a nine-game slate will happen in 2025, and the Gators stop by then.

  • JM: It has to be in 2025, these teams have too much history and they need to be playing regularly.

  • DL: I’m going to be optimistic and predict we get it in 2025.

Bye, you Bengals

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest surprises is the lack of LSU on the schedule. Was that the biggest surprise of Auburn’s schedule reveal? Or was there a bigger one in your opinion?

  • TJ: This was a surprise to me. I figured between Georgia and LSU, Georgia had the best chance to make the schedule. I never thought that LSU wouldn’t make the cut, though. As Cole Cubelic said … “Man, it’s gonna take a minute to get used to this.”

  • JM: The only bigger surprise is that Auburn will not be playing either Ole Miss or Mississippi State. I thought there was a chance LSU would get bumped to try to make Auburn’s schedule a little easier but at least one of the Mississippi schools would say.

  • DL: The lack of Ole Miss is the biggest surprise in my opinion. Hugh Freeze’s return to Oxford as an SEC coach will have to wait.

Welcome to the club, boys


Who got the better end of the 2024 draw, Oklahoma or Texas?

  • TJ: You gotta feel for Oklahoma. Due to having to play rival Texas in Dallas, it only gets three SEC home games. Two of the three are against Alabama and Tennessee. The Sooners will also visit Auburn and LSU. It will be a different world for them, for sure.

  • JM: Texas, to me the biggest difference is the road games. Texas gets to host Georgia and Florida while the Sooners have to travel to Auburn and LSU.

  • DL: I believe that Texas got the better draw. The Georgia game will obviously be tough, but Oklahoma has Alabama, Auburn and LSU.

The best of the rest

What are three games outside of Auburn’s schedule that you are looking forward to seeing in 2024?

  • TJ: Alabama/Georgia, Arkansas/Texas and Texas/Texas A&M

  • JM: Texas/Texas A&M, Georgia/Alabama and Texas/Arkansas

  • DL: Alabama/Georgia, Texas/Texas A&M, and Oklahoma/LSU

Final takes

What do you like, and dislike, the most about Auburn’s 2024 SEC schedule?

  • TJ: After years of playing in college football’s toughest division, it is a breath of fresh air to have an easier schedule. I will miss watching Auburn play LSU, and I wish Auburn could have played Florida.

  • JM: I think losing LSU and the Mississippi schools as permanent opponents will take some getting used to but is ultimately for the better. That frees Auburn up to play Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Missouri, three teams it has a clear advantage over. Yes, Oklahoma is a massive game but not playing Florida feels like a missed opportunity to me.

  • DL: I like that Auburn’s rivalries are protected. I dislike that we will miss out on the Ole Miss and Florida matchups

Story originally appeared on Auburn Wire