Rookie Orientation: Kyler Murray - The Revolution

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Kyler Murray's small size was a big issue earlier this spring. The reporting of his official height and weight during February's scouting combine was followed and scrutinized with the fervor of a royal wedding.

While the drama surrounding Murray's height might be overblown -- it's still a big deal that a quarterback under 6' was selected with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft.

On this week's episode of Rookie Orientation, Matt Harmon investigates Murray's ascendant college career, his fit in Arizona with rookie head coach Kliff Kingsbury and how the league evolved over a short period of time to a place where a 5'10" number one overall pick isn't as far-fetched an idea as it may seem.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray despite industry worries about his diminutive size. Matt Harmon investigates the massive shift in the league that allowed a sub-six-foot QB to be selected first overall on the latest Rookie Orientation. (Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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