Ronda Rousey Taken to Hospital Following Brutal UFC 193 Knockout Loss

Ronda Rousey was taken to the hospital following her loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193, according to Dana White.

The UFC president spoke with FOX Sports shortly after Holm’s upset of Rousey and explained that the now-former champion had to be stitched up after getting knocked out in Australia.

“Yeah, she went to the hospital,” White said. “Her lip is split, and they’re going to have to sew her lip and put some stitches in it.”

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Rousey was outworked on the feet in the UFC 193 main event, eating far more strikes from her opponent than she could dish out in return. Typically dominant against the UFC’s female bantamweight division, Rousey looked overmatched when Holm, a former professional boxing champion, picked her apart for the entirety of the near-two-round fight.

After being dazed by a left hand, Rousey  dropped to the floor and worked her way back to the feet. It was then, however, that Holm threw the head kick that began the ending sequence to the fight, sending Rousey crashing to the floor. A new champion was crowned after Holm finished the fight with strikes on the ground.

Rousey, in a daze, laid on the floor, leaving the world in shock because she was on the receiving end of one of the UFC’s biggest upsets. White, too, was visibly in disbelief when the fight’s dust settled.

The UFC boss explained that even though Rousey suffered the knockout, and that he was initially concerned she may have suffered a more severe injury, there were no serious issues that prompted the her trip to the hospital.

“As far as I know, she’s good,” he said.

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