Rod Strickland praises Nets’ Kyrie Irving’s game; is ‘in awe’ of him

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving has received a lot of praise over the years for the way that he plays the game of basketball. Many players and analysts alike have shared their thoughts on how smooth and incredible Irving’s game is from handling the basketball to his acrobatic finishes at the rim. It looks like former NBA guard, and current head coach at Long Island University, Rod Strickland is another person around the game of basketball that’s a fan of Irving.

Irving, who is averaging 26.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, and five assists per game while shooting 48.5% from the field and 37% from three-point land, has been on a tear lately. While trying to keep the Nets afloat as Kevin Durant is rehabbing his sprained right MCL, Irving has been playing arguably his best basketball as of late. In his last three game, Irving has scored 116 points (38.6 points per game) while leading Brooklyn to impressive wins over the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors.

Here’s what Strickland had to say to Nets radio personality Chris Carrino about Irving:

“As a comparison, there’s without a doubt, I mean, just getting to the lane, taking contact, and switching hands, and using the backboard. His left hand is probably better than mine, even though I had one. But, it’s almost like seeing something and then, you take it to another level. Kai (Kyrie Irving) plays with you, plays with you, plays with you and then reacts, you know what I mean? So, I look at him and I’m in awe of him. People think I’m a homer. But, when I look at the basketball game from my perspective, from what I’ve seen with my eyes, I don’t know if there’s another person that is as skilled as he is.I know people say Kobe, Isiah Thomas. There’s so many guys I’m sure you can say, but skill wise, shooting the ball, left hand, right hand, getting into spaces. I don’t know.”


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire