Robert Saleh: Jets may make changes on offense, but not quarterback or play caller

The Jets' offense struggled through another loss on Sunday night, and coach Robert Saleh acknowledged on Monday that some things will need to change. But the changes will not include replacements for quarterback Zach Wilson or offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Saleh said today that there may be personnel changes, which he declined to specify, but he defended Wilson and Hackett and said they're doing their jobs well.

"Nothing with the quarterback, nothing with the play caller, we are looking at things with regards to, schematically, things we can do differently, trying to find ways to feature more of the things our guys are comfortable with," Saleh said. "As far as meetings go, meeting structure, practice habits, practice plans, we're looking at everything. As far as personnel changes, we're looking at some personnel changes, which I'm going to keep here with me, but we're looking across the board to see if we can find a way to generate some offense."

At this point, Saleh has stuck with Wilson and Hackett long enough that there's no reason to think either of them is going anywhere. Any changes will be elsewhere.