Rescued cougar cub tries first hard-boiled egg in adorable video

Rescued mountain lion cubs Holly and Hazel will be transferred Wednesday from the Oakland Zoo to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo in Southern California, where they’re sure to become popular attractions.

In announcing the move, the Oakland Zoo on Monday shared footage of Holly trying her first hard-boiled egg while gazing approvingly at her keeper after each bite.

“We will be sad to see this lovable pair go, but we are happy to have been able to save both of their lives, and that [California Department of Fish and Wildlife] chose a home they could go to together,” the Oakland Zoo tweeted.

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“Before they depart, we are helping these rapidly-growing rescued mountain lions continue to develop, both mentally and physically.”

The cubs were rescued about a month apart, abandoned and unable to fend for themselves.



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Holly arrived at the Oakland Zoo last December at 3 or 4 months old. She was critically ill but has thrived under the zoo’s care.

Hazel, about a a month older than Holly, was rescued in January. She was  emaciated and weighed only 12 pounds. When her “Cone of Shame” and IV unit were removed, she was photographed drinking a milk shake.

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo, in Big Bear Lake, has promised to keep them safe and content.

“We can’t wait!” the zoo commented on the Oakland Zoo’s Facebook announcement. “Thanks so much for saving their lives. We’ll provide an excellent furrever home for them.

“Our last 2 mtn lion sisters lived to be 20 and left a big hole in our hearts when we had to say goodbye last year. This will mark a new era for our zoo.”

Story originally appeared on For The Win