Red Sox P Rick Porcello's 'passion' celebrated after he smashes 2 TVs

Rick Porcello is not having a good season.

The Boston Red Sox pitcher and 2016 AL Cy Young winner has logged a 5.55 ERA and 1.449 WHIP while allowing 19 home runs in 21 starts.

Needless to say, he won’t be getting any Cy Young votes this year.

Porcello’s frustrated

He appears to be frustrated with it all and took his emotions out on some dugout electronics after a difficult but not awful first inning against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday.

Porcello gave up a pair of hits including an RBI single to Travis d’Arnaud that scored Ji-Man Choi before getting out of the inning with a strikeout and a groundout.

He left the pedestrian first-inning performance with the Red Sox trailing, 1-0.

His emotional response in the dugout can be accurately described as disproportionate.

TVs pay the price

As he walked into the dugout, he raised both fists and slammed them into a pair of televisions, leaving them both wrecked.

“Well it’s an indicator of just how much passion he’s got for what he does,” the NESN broadcast booth touted.

That’s one take.

His hands are OK

Porcello returned to the game in the second inning having escaped serious Amar’e Stoudemire-esque injury from crashing his hands into inanimate objects.

But things only got worse for Porcello, who allowed four runs on three hits in the second inning as the Rays took control of the game in an 8-5 win.

Porcello apologizes

Porcello was contrite after the game.

“It was a reaction to frustration,” Porcello told reporters. "It’s not the behavior that I condone. Obviously everybody gets frustrated. I kind of wish I did that without the cameras being on me. I apologize to everyone that had to see that.

"It's not behavior that I feel like is representative of me and my personality. The frustration got the best of me. So I apologize for that."

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A pair of TVs bore the brunt of Rick Porcello's frustrating season on Wednesday. (Getty)
A pair of TVs bore the brunt of Rick Porcello's frustrating season on Wednesday. (Getty)